Sunday, February 22, 2009

Karate: A Passion

Florida -- 34-year-old Dave Pancallo of Cooper City is a man with Down syndrome - and that's that to the outside world, according to

But to those who take goju karate classes, he is Mr. Dave -- the person who helps lead twice weekly workouts for the adults and children.

Pancallo is a stern brown belt assistant teacher who offers no mercy or apologies for his regimen, leading his group in a series exercises that sometimes leave students gasping for air.

Wrong House

Germany -- A 25-year-old knife wielding burglar apparently picked the wrong place for a raid in Bremen; the owner was a judo black belt ... and he was willing to fight.

The intruder was rifling through jewellery in an upstairs bedroom in Bremen when he was caught and held by the 39-year-old householder, according to The judoka then held the burglar until police arrived.