Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hair Saloon Karate Moves

As this piece correctly states, it does take a man who is comfortable to perform select karate moves - dressed skintight jeans, snakeskin boots, a barbers robe and tinfoil (!).

However, this is exactly the scene in the liquor (Southern Comfort) ad shown below. The leading man, who is said to operate martial arts (karate) schools in real life, is showing the ladies some slick moves - great fun! :-)

Rowdy Passenger Treated to Judo Throw

Japan -- Oh how sweet it is to see this rowdy male passenger being treated to a well deserved ippon seoi nage shoulder throw - by a female employee no less! Just frickin' sweet.

Apparently the employee was punched by the passenger when the 34-year-old man refused to pay full price for a train fare.

The woman tossed the man to the floor in self-defense and had police arrest the idiot. Serves him well, and kudos to the judoka!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

More Ninja Turles

While waiting for the remake of mutant ones, here are some average and normal turtles - said to be teenage though ... and ninja (obviously).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Down Syndrome, MMA Fighter

Here's 23-year-old Garrett. He's an MMA fighter who also happens to have Down Syndrome. His parents have apparently taken quite a lot of flack for letting their son fight in mixed martial arts against someone without a disability.

Although these concerns are understandable, I'd argue that there is no easy way to hold a real fighter down when he wants to fight. And Garrett here undoubtedly is just that: a real fighter.

And as this great, inspirational video says: "What do we see in a reflection?" Are we looking at an individual with a disability, or someone with possibilities? If Garrett doesn't label himself, why should we?

Make sure you visit Garrett's fight to read more about a young man who is a role model for other people with disabilities, and who also have begun teaching MMA.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Confuse-Us Speaks #28

Brown belt - by conskeptical,
According to our friends the gullible media nitwits (aka reporters), a karate brown belt is now the same as being an expert.

Oh yes, jolly old great-grandmaster Confuse-Us is totally on the ball with his one.

I don't even dare to think what this guy would have been called, had he been a black belt.

I am positive the man himself didn't mention anything about expert status, or any other status for that matter. Your typical reporter will fill in the blanks quite nicely and make it all oh so sensational.

In any case, here's the piece of Confuse-Us approved shenanigans with the title: "Get me out of here...I'm a karate expert." Simply brilliant!
A brown belt in karate kept his cool after ending up locked inside Maldon’s leisure centre.
When ceramic tiler Dave Collins’ late evening karate class ended Tuesday night, he had a quick shower before realising he was locked in at the Blackwater Leisure Centre.
So now you know, becoming a karate expert is just a stroll in the park, you don't even need one of them deadly black belts!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kenyaction Karate

Here's a bit of Kenyaction karate ... of karate action from Kenya if you will (bad pun, I know, I'm a terrible person :)

Anyhow, I have no idea if this movie is serious, or just pokes fun of it all...

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Karate Guard

No, it's probably not the kind of karate guard you're thinking about - it's an excellent cartoon by none other than Tom and Jerry, a classic.

I've never seen this one before, and these guys always make me laugh - good stuff! Those two knows how to throw a good fight, that's for sure!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ninja, From Scottland

Enjoy this new cartoon about the "Scottish Ninjas". These fellows are absolutely not apposed to a bit of something strong to drink ... and a few chosen swear words.

Along with lots of fighting, anger, quarrels and general mayhem - I'd say this is bound to be a success :-)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Confuse-Us Speaks #27

A yes... our very own old Grandmaster of martial arts weirdness, Confuse-Us, is back with another edition of stage diving into the mixed-up world of martial arts lunacy!

Confucius - Illustration image from
This time he's found a piece from, where you will find some (let's called them) "rather interesting" bits and pieces of information.
According to Devadanam, Aikido or mixed martial arts is the best form of self-defence and is generally taught to commandos of special forces.
Sailesh Varma of Association of Mixed Martial Arts India said, "Aikido is an effective self-defence technique that focuses on dislocation of joints and nerve points. On mixed martial arts, Varma said that it was a combination of several martial arts such as Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai and Karate.
Okidoki - It really is good finally to be informed about aikido! Being obviously uninformed, I thought (silly me) that aikido was something totally different. I guess it just goes to prove how little I actually know...

And that aikido is being a part of MMA ... wow, who would have known! These sneaky folks are good to keeping that a secret for so long. Most be some ninja activities for sure.

Or could it simply be that the good folks - here a martial arts instructor - of India knows something which has simply passed the rest of the world by?