Monday, November 29, 2010

Illegal MMA Fights

Maine -- Some participants in a November 8 organized MMA-style fights in Westbrook might have thought the fights were legal, according to police and

The fights, which reportedly were staged in a circle of cars with illuminated headlights, drew spectators from throughout Greater Portland.

Two 18-year-old Portland-area male residents were arrested for taking part in the illegal fighting.

Ex X Factor

As controversial Wagner Carrilho is booted from the X Factor show, asks: "Is there really a market for out-of-tune, long-haired karate instructors with an eye for the ladies?"

Well, I was kind of wondering... Why not going back to being a long-haired karate instructor with an eye for the ladies? Just leave the singing for the showers, OK?

Jujitsu Jim

Here's a great, inspirational article about 83-year old Australian gentleman and 9. dan ju-jitsu master Jim Oliver.

The elderly gentleman has been doing the art since 1961. Mr Oliver, who also dabbles in tai chi, said he began studying the Japanese art as a way to keep fit.

"I'm very healthy for my age with lots of movement in my limbs and I think that's because of ju-jitsu," Mr Oliver said.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fearless Kung Fu Hamster

It's the kung fu hamster month obviously. Here's another clip, showing a cute but also fearless creature going after two Russian teens walking through a corn field. Say what you will, but this id one impressive "kung fuka".

Oh and in case you're wondering, the only ones hurt here were people. The boys showed respect for their opponent - hats off to them :-)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Kung Fu Hamster

Hi-ya... This little hamster fella is too cute - and one mean numbnut expert if I may say so :-)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Miracle of Friendship

What ever you do, please make sure you take the time read this amazing article from - a truly inspirational piece about a boy named Dylan Helms and 16-year-old Michael Graef at the Missoula Taekwondo Center in Montana.

It is stories like this one here - describing the remarkable bond between a boy with a crippling disease (Friedreich's ataxia) and a young man dedicated to help him out at the kids taekwondo classes - which reinforces my belief in the spirit and kindness of mankind as well as the true power and potential of martial arts.

If a story like this - using a term like "a miracle of friendship" - doesn't melt your heart then I truly wonder what will...

There are many interpretations of the "true meaning" of martial arts or budo. The one described here should, in my opinion, rank at the very top.

A Kung Fu Welcome

China -- As guests from 56 countries recently arrived for the Eighth International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, they were welcomed by more than 60,000 students of wushu performing Chinese kung fu along the 10-kilometer road leading to the famous Shaolin Temple, according to

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Guilty as Charged

Florida -- In Pensacola, a karate instructor is facing the death penalty after having been convicted of leading a group of armed men dressed as ninja to rob and kill a wealthy couple while their nine special-needs children cowered or slept nearby on July 9, 2009.

The prosecutor told the jury of 11 women and one man in closing arguments that it was the accused who conceived the plan to break into the home.

"(...) is the man who had his hand on the gun and his finger on the trigger. He is the man who fired the shots that killed Mr. and Mrs. Billings," the prosecutor said, according to