Sunday, November 30, 2008

Judo Assault Case

Australia -- Judo Olympic competitor Matt Celotti is facing charge over a pub assault, reported on August 15.

The 29-year-old fighter, who was eliminated from the games after losing his opening bout against a Cuban opponent, faces an outstanding assault charge in Melbourne, police confirmed.

The charges is reported to stem from an incident at a hotel in November 2007, the news article said.

Police Laud Martial Artist

From Pennsylvania, had a nice feature story back in mid August about 45-year-old martial arts expert and bodyguard Brian Gates who stopped two copper thieves, aged 24 and 27, dead in their tracks on April 10, 2008.

Mr Gates, who operates a martial arts studio in Patton, has also gained attention as a bodyguard for the Knievel stunt family and film and country music stars.

Las Vegas TKD Arrest

Nevada -- The 41-year-old owner of a Las Vegas taekwondo school was been arrested in September 2008, reports.

The man is accused of sexual assaulting a 13-year-old girl in June 2007, according to police. The girl is said to be a relative from New Mexico.

The girl and her father were visiting Las Vegas when the incidents occurred. Police documents said the assault took place at the taekwondo studio, while the girl's father was working.

The girl told police that, after coming out of the shower, the relative exposed himself from the waist down. She told police he then asked her if she had ever kissed a boy on his privates.

The girl told investigators that the man had forced her to do so several times, and that he afterwards made her "pinky promise" not to tell anyone. He allegedly also bought her ice cream and gave her $7, according to the report.

Karate Instructor in Sex Case

Update (January 2009): The 32-year-old former high school math teacher and a private karate instructor is bound for state prison after he pleaded guilty to repeatedly molesting one of his martial arts students - a 15-year-old girl.


Pennsylvania -- In September, a 32-year-old karate instructor and high school teacher from Cumberland County was charged with having sex with one of his female students, according to

The Mechanicsburg karate school in owner was charged with having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old karate student. The girl told police she had performed sex acts with the man several times at the karate school earlier in 2008.

Kicking Autistic Boy

Texas -- A 20-year-old man from Troup, has reportedly trained martial arts since the age of 6. He recently told a court how he has "a very short temper" and an "anger problem".

This young man has been found guilty of using kick boxing to "discipline" a young autistic boy - with the approval of the boy's mother, according to

The boy's mother, 34, allegedly did nothing to stop her boyfriend from repeatedly kicking her then 11-year-old son as a neighbor videotaped the abuse.

The woman admitted at her trial that she caused bodily injury to her son by striking him and by failing to protect him during the incident on April 24.

Oh dear...

A True Judo Expert

By now, I'm sure you are aware of how I feel about the term "martial arts expert" being handed to everyone and everything earning a black belt. If not, do feel free to use the word 'nonsense' (or some similar, perhaps even stronger, words).

A 12-year-old taekwondo or karate "expert" with a few years of training? Yeah, right... So, just in case you wonder, this is what I consider an expert.

78-year-old Pat Toner from New Zealand has recently been awarded the very high grade of seventh dan in judo after 60 years of learning the art.

Mr Toner -- a former British Royal Marine -- began training when he was 18 and he still works out every day, either at the gym or the Wellington Judo Academy. The enduring competitor says the secret to his success and longevity was his discipline.

Congratulations, Mr Toner; well deserved!

A New Lease on Life

Florida -- Two-time cancer survivor, 62-year-old Shary Pittman was met with skepticism when she took up martial arts a while ago in High Springs. In fact, her 7-year-old grandson told her outright "(...) you're too old and you're too fat to do martial arts."

Mrs Pittman turned a deaf ear, and she intends, in her own words, to go "all the way" - meaning: She is already set for a black belt.

Reading about this survivor and ready born fighter, I don't doubt her for even half a second. She will make it!

"I won't quit for anything. You look in the mirror and you're old, and you're embarrassed because you're overweight. Then you punch the lady in the mirror and say, 'Keep going! You don't have to lay down and die; get up and FIGHT!" she said.

The inspirational woman has credited her martial arts classes with giving her strength, saying she's gotten more limber and healthier.

"It will work you through the pain, and you'll work through it with a smile," she said. "By the second class, my energy level tripled," she said. "You'd be amazed even for an older person at how fast your body responds."

Read the whole story at

A Royal Insult

Morocco -- An 18-year-old karate champion -- and obvious FC Barcelona soccer fan -- has received a one year suspended prison sentence for writing "God, Homeland and Barca" on a classroom chalkboard, according to

The motto of Morocco is "God, Homeland and the King", and authorities ruled that the scribbling showed "disrespect to the kingdom's national motto". The youngster now fears that the sentence could seriously affect his professional future as well as his sports career.

Oh dear, another serious crime has been committed...

MMA Veteran Speaks Out

Japan -- MMA veteran Enson Inoue, known from Shooto, pride and UFC, recently spoke to following his release from jail.

41-year-old Inoue, described as "a hard-fighting, hard-living warrior who refused to submit to anyone -- or anything", reportedly served 26 days in jail following an October arrest in Tokyo on marijuana possession charges.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

UFC Fighter on Steroids

Chris Leben - the (American) UFC fighter with a well known background as a participant on the 'Ultimate Fighter' TV show - reportedly tested positive for anabolic steroid (Stanozolol) use after losing his fight at UFC 89 in the UK, according to

It's being said that Leben is one of the highest-profile MMA fighters to test positive for these performance-enhancing drugs.

The steroid known as Stanozolol is the same substance that was used by former Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson from Canada and (former) baseball player Rafael Palmeiro. Also Tim Sylvia, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has been found testing positive to the steroid.

The Diddly Deadly Limbs

Ahh... the deadly hands of Muay Thai; nothing more lethal ... except for a knife, gun, battle ship, bomb or cruiser missile? Nah, forget that, let's settle for the diddly deadly hands.

Oh, and let us not forget the judo chop, karate kick, jiu jitsu grip or ninja flip - those are totally deadly too, of course! Oh yes budoka - we are all registered lethal weapons for sure :-)

You see, recently mentioned an incident between a security guard and a Muay Thai representative during a Filipino National Sports Association meeting.

The Muay Thai man was refused to enter the premises by the guard. The Muay Thai representative apparently took this personal. He delivered a punch to the guard's stomach "to express his sentiments".

"(He) is trained in the martial arts and his hands are considered deadly weapons," a source said. "I don’t think it was right for him to treat the guard this way because after all, he was just doing his duty."

Kung-Fu vs Intruder

Barbados -- When a machete-wielding intruder entered a holiday apartment, armed with a machete, 13-year-old Redmond Lee helped protecting his family by putting his kung-fu training to good use, according to

The Maidstone, UK family, had only spent their first morning at the St Lawrence Gap hotel, in Barbados, when the masked man burst in on April 9 this year. Millina, the 11-year-old daughter was sitting on the luxury apartment balcony when the armed intruder climbed over a wall and onto the balcony.

The girl ran screaming into the apartment with the man at her heels. Her mum, making coffee, screamed and threw a cup at him, but the intruder continued. When the man attacked 13-year-old Redmond the boy managed to grab him and somehow put him in an arm lock.

His dad, in the bathroom at that point, heard the commotion and ran out to find the culprit holding the bladed weapon above his son's head. The angered and frightened father ran at him and wrestled him to the ground. He was able to throw him back out on to the balcony. The man then ran off.

Martial Arts Killer Lost Appeal

Australia -- in September 2005, a martial arts instructor, 38, raped and killed a 48-year-old Melton real estate agent.

The man had tricked the Realtor to a unoccupied property listed for sale under the pretence of being a potential buyer. Her body was found in the bath, covered in a garbage bag, when her concerned colleagues went looking for her.

Representing himself at the Court of Appeal, the man recently lost his bid to appeal against his conviction, according to

Friday, November 28, 2008

Legally Blind Third Dan

Colorado -- 64 year old Ron Roe from Denver recently tested for 3. dan in taekwondo in Aurora. What makes this something out of the ordinary is that Mr Roe is legally blind.

According to, Roe took up martial arts training nearly 13 years ago. "I may be slow, but if I just keep going and never stop, I know I'll make it in the end," the black belt competitor said.

Very, very cool - congrats Mr Roe!

School Owner Sued

Indiana -- Customers claim a martial arts school owner failed to give them refunds after the business closed, and now the owner is facing a civil lawsuit.

The State Attorney General has brought the action forward to the owner of the martial arts business, which had studios in Hamilton and Boone counties, according to

19 former customers are reportedly listed in the lawsuit and the owner is said to have used long-term contracts, ranging from $2,900 to $5,760, with them. Furthermore, many customers paid up to $2,210 in additional program fees.

According to reports, this is not the first time the studio owner has been accused of misleading customers. In 2006, the State Attorney General filed a lawsuit, and the owner agreed to refund $20,000 to Mishawaka customers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Illegal Weapons Charges

UK -- A 33-year-old former heavyweight champion in judo has been charged with possessing a handgun and ammunition without a firearms certificate, according to

The man, who is is a gym owner and boxing promoter, is said to have been hiding the illegal items at his Ansdell, Blackpool home, hidden in a cushion.

A Martial Arts Gang

Spain -- Spanish police are questioning four British martial arts "experts", aged between 40 and 55, following a kidnap and extortion attempt in Tarifa, southern Spain.

The British victim -- described as a "law-abiding man without criminal links" by Spanish police -- was reportedly rescued by shoppers as the four men bundled him into a car outside a resort supermarket, according to

According to Spanish police, the four martial arts "experts" belong to a criminal organisation. Police said the believe the men travelled form the UK to collect an extortion "debt" on behalf of a criminal paymaster.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Human Weapon Host Arrested

California -- Jason Chambers, former host of 'The Human Weapon' (a well-known TV program running on History Channel) has reportedly been arrested in Los Angeles, according to

The 28-year-old TV actor and martial arts instructor was arrested November 11 on rape and drug charges. Authorities believe that the TV host used the drugs to commit the rape, according to reports.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Karate Gran

UK -- 73-year-old Barbara Dyson from Methley is a great-grandmother ... and a black belt in karate, according to pontefractandcastlefordexpress.

The fit senior citizen, who has been working out four times a week for ten years, promised her husband, Desmond, who died in 2007, that she would continue until she achieved the coveted belt.

"I would encourage anybody to take up karate - especially older people," she says. Adding that it keeps you fit, gives you a lot more confidence as well as makes you feel safer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kung Fu That Spina Bifida

Maryland -- A columnist from suggests we share the story of young Jessica Gregory with children who complain about the possible injustices of life, and I couldn't really agree more.

It truly is an inspirational piece about a 10-year-old Forestville girl and her struggle with Spina Bifida. Jessica was born with the congenital disorder of the spine that may cause several problems.

This young fighter has become proficient in kung fu, overcoming obstacles very few of us would face with such style and grace.

Kudos also to her doctors, who suggested she should take up martial arts or ballet to strengthen her legs! Dr. Tosi at the Children's National Medical Center said: "A critical challenge to pediatric hospitals is what happens when a patient turn 18 or 21? How do we care for the adult with a congenital disorder?"

Oh, and while you're reading the whole Washington Post article, why not take part in their annual Children's Hospital fundraising campaign. A worthy cause by any standard!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deaf Karate Black Belt

UK -- Alistair Anderson has become the first deaf karate black belt from Harrogate, following six years of commitment and hard work, according to

Something which makes this achievement even more outstanding is the fact that Alistair has learning difficulties and suffers from a condition termed dyspraxic tendencies - affecting the ability to co-ordinate movements.

His parents says the martial arts training has helped their son with his confidence, his co-ordination and his memory in ways they didn't think possible.

Our congratulations goes to you, Alistair - as well as your instructors! To me, this is a major part of what these arts are all about.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gran Master in Karate

Dolores Pearson from Portarlington in Australia is a 78-year-old black belt in karate. After training since 1994, she is soon to test for her fourth dan grading according to

Together with her daughter Rhonda Wright, 49, the fit senior have been training up to 6 times a week to prepare for the test.

Way to go, ladies - way to go!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Karate Boost in Confidence

UK -- Here's a nice little article from It's about 10-year-old Alana from Calderwood who has had a boost in confidence through her karate practise and competition victories.

According to the article, she took up the martial art when she had a rough time at primary school. It was hard to settle in, and she was being bullied.

"I don't get bullied anymore," she says. She goes on to say how karate gives her a lot more confidence and that it helps to know how to stick up for yourself. "It's been great fun and it's made me enjoy my life more and enjoy school more, too," the young girl says.

In our experience, many children and parents experience something similar to young Alana here: Martial arts training can indeed be valuable tool to "fight off" (as in: stand up to) bullies ... if the parents allow the child to spend ample time with the given art. Some times the child wants the easy way out ("this is boring", "I don't like it", "I'm not good at this", "I want ..."), and the parents give in.

What is ample time? Well, let me put it this way, how can you really become good at anything in less than a few years?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

UFC Veteran Charged

California -- 39-year-old "Joe Son" (Joseph Hyungmin Son), a well-known MMA fighter and movie figure has been arrested and presented with several related charges, according to

The UFC veteran has been linked through the help of a DNA sample to a violent gang rape that occurred Christmas Eve in 1990.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Attempted Carjacking

Florida -- A 19-year-old jiu-jitsu student allegedly fought off a knife-wielding carjacker recently in the martial arts center's parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, according to and police.

The teenager was in his car with the windows down outside the the center about 7 p.m. on Wednesday when a man, described as in his 20s, approached him. The perpetrator demanded his car while holding a knife to his neck.

"He's not getting inside my car," the teenager thought. He shoved the thief's arm away, knocking him backward, then threw the car in reverse - a reaction he said was "half-instinct, half-skill".

50 Years in Prison

Washington -- A 51-year-old former taekwondo teacher and child molester has been handed down a lengthy prison sentence. The man was arrested and charged in 2006, according to

He was arrested when a teenager, 16, told authorities that her TKD teacher had molested her between the ages of nine and twelve.

The man had been the girls martial arts instructor when he formed a relationship with her mother. He moved in with the woman and lived with the family in Centralia from May 1999 until December 2002.

Sexual activity could happen almost every night after her mother went to work, the girl told authorities.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Former TKD Teacher And Rapist

Connecticut -- "He is a monster,"a female drugging and sexual assault victim wrote, adding that the man should stay off the streets as long as possible.

The man in question is a former state department computer specialist who also ran a taekwondo school in Glastonbury, according to

The 44-year-old man was convicted of drugging four women he dated an sent to prison in 2006. The man recently got five-year sentences in three new, similar cases.

Plucky Karate Pensioner

South Africa -- reported in October about a pensioner who used karate skills to defend himself against robbers.

The armed robbers allegedly assaulted the 64-year-old man at his tuck shop business in Durban, demanding cash and his cellphone after forcing him inside the shop.

The South African Association of Karate honorary black belt said he co-operated with the robbers up until the point he heard them talk in a local language that he had to be "finished off" - allegedly because he could later recognise them.

"I thought it is either me or them, and I wanted to live," the man later said.

Yes, I know ... karate is "not supposed to work" as self-defense. Tell that to Mr Edward will you.

Youth Leader Arrested

North Carolina -- A 64-year-old youth leader in Morganton, Burke County has been charged with more crimes of sexual nature involving juvenile boys. This occurred after another alleged victim came forward following the man's arrest, reports

County Deputies reportedly began investigating the man after his daughter found somthing she labelled a disturbing photo of her father on a camera - a picture taken in the man's home.

Previously, the man had used his daughter's dance studio to teach karate to more than a dozen kids. It is also being said the man volunteered with several county youth organizations.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Assistant Instructor Arrested

Hawaii -- A 33-year-old volunteer assistant karate instructor and member of the Hawaii Air National Guard, has been arrested by police after arranging to a meet for sex with a person he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

Rather than a young girl, the suspect was met by an undercover police officer, according to

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Superburglar Caught

California -- A 30-year-old college-educated Spanish man once described as a "superburglar" - someone who might have been a caricature of an "Ocean's Eleven" movie - was recently sentenced to jail, according to

Leaving his well-to-do family in Barcelona, Spain, the man left for Florida to become a mixed martial arts fighter. When that proved not to work out, he traveled west and ending up in Santa Monica. Along the way he allegedly managed to earn a degree in business.

Later, the man spoke to a detective about the adrenaline rush "almost like a drug addict might about a fix". A fascinating and bizarre story indeed!

A Fit Judo Grandad

How totally inspiring, my hat off to you Sir! My esteemed reader might also want to compare this to the "Wow, three years to black belt (aka. 'Expert' status)" nonsense found in some other belt farms.

UK -- After more than 50 years of judo, grandad -- and self-confessed fitness fanatic -- Jack Mitton, 75, was recently awarded his black belt on his birthday.

The Littleborough, Rochdale senior and his partner Maurice Clarke, 72, can often be seen throwing each other around on the tatami (mat), according to

Mr Mitton claims his success formula is quite simple: "Positive thinking and feeling fit," he said.