Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hairy Kung Fu

China -- Meet Mr Wang Xiaoyu. He's from Changsha in Hunan Province, according to This, dare we say, unorthodox kung fu trained hairdresser has acquired quite a bit of fame after he was been spotted styling hair upside down.

36-year-old Wang, has reportedly been in the hair styling business for 16 years. His head-turning technique makes use of his 18 years' of training in the art of kung fu.

Hairy stuff indeed :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Magnificent Karate Example

I would like to encourage you all to take a few moments to read this moving and inspirational article from

The article is about the magnificent work done by Mr Hosam Ayyad. Ayyad sensei is the head of the Japan Karate Association in Jordan and a much respected teacher of martial arts.

You can not be anything but deeply impressed with and inspired by the work Mr Ayyad puts forward for helping children with disabilities.

Mr Ayyad has dedicated 18 years of his working life to teaching children karate, those suffering physical and mental disabilities in particular.

Over a period of 18, years, Mr Ayyad has taught more than 1,000 physically and mentally challenged kids, many of whom come from underprivileged families.

I have said it before and I'll gladly say it again: This, to me, is what martial arts really is all about. I respectfully salute you Ayyad sensei.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taekwondo Robots Anyone?

South Korea -- A robot takewondo competition is reportedly under way in South Korea, according to

The robots, which will be designed by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and programmed by students there, will fight one another in a tournament in October, according to reports.

"One of the main purposes of the contest is to promote taekwondo by displaying its movements with high-technology robots," an official said.

A Well Deserved Black Belt

It really doesn't matter if you're 7 or 97 - getting handed a black belt (usually in karate or taekwondo and almost exclusively in the US) after two to three years of training is plain old rubbish.

We see way too many otherwise great and inspiring stories of senior citizens (as well as youngsters) who get the coveted black belt after such a short period of time - and it sadly ends up being a shame and a real insult to the arts - as well as the people involved.

It is in itself such a fantastic thing that these folks take up the arts and stay with it. Isn't it then a real disservice to hand out a black belt simply because you're considered young or old?

At least I know I would tell anyone to stuff it if the came to me with a grade like this prematurely. Let me earn the belt on my own merits, I don't want to buy it!

It is a real pleasure then, to report about a senior citizen from the UK (Northern Ireland), Mr Robert McCracken. This gentleman is 75 years old and he took up karate at the age of 66.

The chief instructor and technical adviser of the association, told "I knew he would do it. When I'm teaching he's just one of the crowd. The fact that he's 75 doesn't come into it."

That's more like it and a huge round of applause to Mr McCracken!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Railway Staff Learn Martial Arts

Japan --Recent figures from 25 railway companies show that there were 869 attacks on  train crew or station staff in one year.

These numbers have led Japanese railway companies to train staff in martial arts as well as equipping them with pepper spray, according to

Molestation at Karate School

Indiana -- A 22-year-old Crown Point man who is on probation for aggravated assault on a 10-year-old boy in Missouri has been charged with molesting two boys at a Crown Point karate business.

The man, who is charged with two counts of child molesting and possession of child pornography, taught karate at the school and was also a student there, according to

The man reportedly confiding in a probation officer that he was attracted to prepubescent and pubescent boys and he had molested three boys while teaching martial arts between March and May 2009.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dies of Judo Injury

Japan -- A 12-year-old boy died in hospital on July 6 from a brain contusion which apparently was sustained during judo practice, according to

On June 27, the junior high school student from Kannami reportedly collapsed while taking part in practice at his judo club. Official said the boy is believed to have been struck in the head.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Instructor Shot Dead

UK -- A 37-year-old bodybuilder, claimed to be addicted to steroids, shot his 27-year-old former girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend - a karate instructor.

The angered and suicidal nightclub bouncer, who had recently been released from prison where he was jailed for hitting a child, blasted his ex through a window in her home with a shotgun at 2:40 a.m., seriously wounding her.

The martial arts instructor tried to escape the house on Tyneside, according to However, the suspected killer with a string of previous convictions, was reportedly waiting outside and shot him dead.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Accused of Sexual Assault

Update, August 2011: Although the now 17-year-old victim asked for some "human compassion," the man was sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years of intensively supervised sex-offender probation for two felony sex on a child convictions.


Colorado -- Just hours before he was scheduled to board a plane for Japan with a group of his teenage students, a 51-year-old Longmont karate instructor and high school teacher was arrested, according to

The man is reportedly suspected of  having sexual contact with an underage girl - a student of of his. He is described as a as black belt in karate, leading a local karate club.