Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hair Saloon Karate Moves

As this piece correctly states, it does take a man who is comfortable to perform select karate moves - dressed skintight jeans, snakeskin boots, a barbers robe and tinfoil (!).

However, this is exactly the scene in the liquor (Southern Comfort) ad shown below. The leading man, who is said to operate martial arts (karate) schools in real life, is showing the ladies some slick moves - great fun! :-)

Rowdy Passenger Treated to Judo Throw

Japan -- Oh how sweet it is to see this rowdy male passenger being treated to a well deserved ippon seoi nage shoulder throw - by a female employee no less! Just frickin' sweet.

Apparently the employee was punched by the passenger when the 34-year-old man refused to pay full price for a train fare.

The woman tossed the man to the floor in self-defense and had police arrest the idiot. Serves him well, and kudos to the judoka!