Sunday, August 31, 2014

Disability Claim While Going for Taekwondo Black Belt

I suppose claiming disability while at the same time being fit enough for black belt exams in taekwondo isn't the smartest of moves ... unless you want to have authorities on your back faster than you can say 'kick and punch'.

Case in point being this 40-year-old mother from the UK who claimed £18.000 over a period of five years during which time she reportedly became a second dan black belt in the martial art and also took part in competitions.

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Crazy Boxing Match

Seriously, this has movie scene to be one of the most hilarious boxing matches ever recorded. I almost died when I fist saw it.

It's by non other than "rubber face" Jerry Lewis and it's from the film Sailor Beware. You absolutely need to see the whole scene if you like some classic slap stick humor :-)

Ancient Martial Arts Techniques, Modern Applications

It is nothing new that Ancient Martial Arts Techniques can find very useful and beneficial modern day applications apart from the fighting side of things.

In my own business, I frequently use the methods and principles of ju jitsu, not only to diffuse, control and restraint aggressive behavior in psychiatric wards, jails, nightclubs and other places, but also as methods to gently lift, transport and support patients and other groups in situations of care.

Here's a new take on it: How to apply the ancient methods of kobujutsu to relieve new mothers of potential wear and tear from holding and carrying their babies. Very interesting indeed! :-)

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Angry XXL Martial Arts Expert

Each time you might be lead to think it could possibly be any more alive and breathing martial arts nitwits out there, a new one pops up for us all to shake our heads at.

Case in point; this rather angry XXL martial arts expert from the UK appears to be quite something else. Threatening workers at his apartment when they apparently was unsettling his pet snake and offended his Buddha statue is just a small fraction of his antics.

Guess it's not that hard to run away from the "rather solid" man. Wouldn't fancy him getting hold of me though...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Taekwondo, Foot Fencing

The art of taekwondo is apparently seen as Foot Fencing by some... So, when ever you're feeling ready and "feet for fight", why not jump into some toekwando action?

And as always, you're welcome to visit the Martial Arts Humor page on Facebook for more left-field views on the fighting arts :-)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Confuse-Us #30

Dude... You got us all confused, even master Confuse-Us can't keep track; you really need to decide which scare tactic you're gonna use!

Are going to keep on crappling, claiming you are into the awesome kick-boxing stuff, or will you stick to the "I've got a knife and I'm willing to use it" verbally aggressive moves? You can't just jump around like that and expect others to take you seriously.

You will potentially end up confusing yourself if you don't get your act together. Here's a bit of advice: Stick to one main tactic at the time if you want results as a true Martial Arts Maniac.

And here's another heartfelt tip for you: If you know for a fact that every time you drink shots you get into a rage, it may perhaps be a good idea not to drink shots if you want to avoid being treated to police tactical intervention... just saying.

Image from Flickr - stop drinking, you're confusing everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Confuse-Us Speaks #29

So... It appears I was left in the dark once again, not knowing poomsae is a sport which, according to this article from is something separate from taekwondo.
The sport combines the the moves and choreography of the martial art taekwondo, (...).
And slap me silly, I was actually led to believe that taekwondo had various disciplines, of which forms/poosae was one. Well, it's apparently proven time and time again how I really knows zilch when it comes to the martial arts.

From Flickr: Children performing a taekwondo pattern (a poomsae)

Martial Arts Themed Restaurant

What can be better than having a nice meal and at the same time having a good martial arts fight (or watching one)? Well, I suppose the fighting isn't quite there yet...

Any how, I guess we have to settle with a little less ... but something still cool, a martial arts themed restaurant in China no less. And being located in China, we are talking about a kung fu theme of course.

I really do wonder if they tech you to do some weird kung fu tricks with the chop sticks though... Catching flies and stuff? Would be a nice thing to know :-)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Taekwondo Dispute Goes Too Far

A 44-year-old, British taekwondo teacher and Olympian reportedly admitted she was "hot-headed" and said "it was not a good idea."

I think you can safely say it is far worse than a bad idea when you wrongly accuse someone of being a pedophile, posting fliers all over the man's neighborhood. The end result is that the man gets attacked on several occasions.

Some times it is a good idea to take a deep breath (or two) and use your brain before you act like a real moron... just saying. Here's a news article regarding the case, supposedly going back a long time and being about a dispute at a martial arts school.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ninja Slap

Ah, these sneaky ninja fellows... Trying to keep all the good martial arts stuff, like throwing totally awesome and deadly punches, to themselves.

Well, the cat's out of the ninja bag of tricks and now you too can slap like a champ. You show that punching bag who's the real boss!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Incompetent Ninja Sidekick

You definitely want a competent ninja to be your partner in crime if you want to get away with acting as a volunteer firefighter and arsonist at one and the same time ... without being caught that is.

This duo apparently had a criminal scheme going, "so dumb only a Philly boy could think it out." Here's the story from

Friday, August 08, 2014

Flight of the Sumo Wrestlers

How many sumo wrestlers can you fit into a small airplane? A lot apparently. And how many sumo wrestlers can you fit into a small airplane without the machine getting too crowded?

Well, that's another riddle all together. :-)

Any how, here's a story from Bleacher Report:

Karate Piñata

It's quite apparent that I was caught unaware of the fact that there was this thing called Karate Piñata - my bad!
If you're ready to get more kicks into your Mexican flavored festivities, here goes:

Senior Karateka Taking Down Robbers

Here's 69-year-old Jan Eriksson, apparently a tough dude who's been around the block a time or two.

When faced with demands from three young robbers, armed with a baseball bat, the karate black belt holder told them in no uncertain term to forget about it.

He then proved they had messed with the wrong guy when they attacked him and he floored the three wanna-be gangsters. Great life lesson for these three useless punks!

Here's a Swedish media report from

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Shenanigans in the Martial Arts

I do wonder if you've ever felt embarrassed by witnessing major martial arts weirdness an obvious fakes, like in the video below? I certainly know I have - more than once.

Seems to me there are too many gullible people around, actually believing in the "super powers" and mysticism.  Too bad this silly magic only works on the followers of the "master".