Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Got Her Man

Florida -- When a 53-year-old Lighthouse Point woman returned home from tennis practice on Friday morning, she found an intruder in her bedroom, reports.

Police said the man bolted with one of her backpacks, filled with her property. The resident - a marathon runner with a black belt in karate who reportedly also knows kickboxing and kung fu - wanted it back. So she followed the startled man.

The angry and determined woman pulled the man down from a fence and followed him easily when he attempted to run away. Go ahead and run," she allegedly shouted, "I've been running for 40 years; you're not getting away from me!"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pedophile Kung-Fu Teacher

Canada -- After looking for the man for a week, Quebec provincial police have arrested a convicted pedophile, reports.

The man ran a Chinese-boxing school (kung-fu school) near Saint-Hyacinthe, southeast of Montreal.

Police said the man may face new charges of sexual assault against kids following a complaint from the father of one of his students.

More Yakima Charges

Washington -- More charges of abuse have been filed against the 44-year-old Yakima karate instructor who previously was charged with rape, according to

The man is accused in a police affidavit of giving alcohol to a girl who was 14 years old and taking nude pictures of her. Police say the victim, who is now 18, was not one of the man's students.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiny Karate Hooligan

A tiny Romanian boy, 12 years old, has got his criminal career ended when he stabbed a teenager for his mp3 player and finally was deported from Hungary, according to

The pint-sized hooligan - who reportedly has never attended school and can't read or write - had allegedly already achieved "fame" on the Internet, appearing in a video in which he showed karate moves and freely admitted to living from theft and having his "home" in a Budapest underpass.

Friday, January 25, 2008

President Wants Martial Arts Training

India -- Ms. Pratibha Patil, the President of India, has called out for implementation of stern laws against sexual harassment of women at work. She also wants what she refers to as "stringent action against those indulging in teasing and molestation."

One important step in the direction of empowerment of women is to impart physical education like judo and karate for self-defense to female students from a very early age, the President said while appealing to all the women to fight inequality.

The objective of such training would be to "make them physically strong and to build-up self-confidence to face the challenges of life".

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Autistic Karate Kid Doubted

This, to me, is one of the major reason to be involved in the martial arts. I take my hat off to these two teachers, Javier Carvajal and Frank Pugarita.

Maryland -- Both 7-year-old Aydn and his mother had doubts about the Gaithersburg karate program, according to "I don't want to; it's too dangerous," the autistic boy had said.

Now, Aydn Juarez doesn't want to go home, his mother Sandra says while watching him go through drills with the five other autistic children at the martial arts studio.

His enthusiasm and engagement in the first lessons had surprised them both.

If she could, she would bring her son to class several times a week, another mother said about his son. "It's a function of how much he smiles. Because for a while, he wasn't smiling. Now he smiles all the time," she said as she watched her son with a wide smile of her own. "He just loves it."

DNA Will Clear Me

Illinois -- reports about a 45-year-old man who was convicted of stabbing two teenagers to death on January 18, 1977.

Then 14 years old, the boy was arrested at school. After being interrogated for a day and a half, he allegedly confessed to the crime but later recanted the confession. The case prosecutors claimed the teenager lost his temper while practicing karate with one of the victims.

He was paroled and got out of prison over a year ago, according to reports. He now asks for a DNA testing. "(...) then once and for all people will know the truth," the man says.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Fork

And what have we got here? You probably guessed it ... another martial arts "expert". Seemingly not too skilled in the art of I-Fork-Ju-Jitsu.

When a woman came to his residence to break up with him, a 45-year-old local martial arts expert reportedly used a fork to stab her multiple times, according to As she tried to call for help, he also knocked a cell phone out of her hand and forced her to the ground, police says.

The woman was scared of the man, according to a police report, adding that he had struck her in the past.

During a court arraignment, the man told the judge he is a self-employed contractor and acknowledged his martial arts expertise.

The man allegedly has a criminal history which includes several simple assault convictions, drug possession with intent to distribute, criminal trespassing, reckless conduct and receiving stolen property.

Monday, January 21, 2008

She Fought Off Knifeman

UK -- When a knife-wielding thug tried to mug a 20-year-old woman in a quiet Paisley street, he was left bleeding and bruised. The vicious attacker had bitten off more than he could chew - the young woman used to do kickboxing when she was a child.

During the frightening early morning attack, she took the knifeman by surprise when he attacked her from behind and pressed a blade to her throat cutting her.

The intended victim knew exactly how to tackle him during the ordeal in the West End of town, according to

Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Innocent Gesture

UK -- reports that the World Taekwondo Federation secretary, general Jin-suk Yang, allegedly offered an envelope of cash to a member of IOC. However, Yang denies any wrongdoing, claiming it was an 'innocent gesture'.

The incident occurred at a meeting in Manchester, England in November 2007, $10,000 reportedly was offered to WTF Vice President and IOC member, Nat Indrapana.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Statutory Sape

North Carolina -- A fired martial arts instructor faces charges that he had an inappropriate relationship with a student, according to

Investigators said the 31-year-old taekwondo teacher is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student.

A search warrant detailed an alleged relationship between the instructor and the girl, including a sexual encounter in a hotel room during a Durham martial arts tournament in September 2007.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Boy Credits Taekwondo

Missouri -- It was all lost almost in a matter of moments ... the Griffin's family Bloomfield home and close to 21 years of memories inside.

As he helped his struggling mother, Debbie out of the burning house, 10-year-old Shawn credits his training in taekwondo for helping him stay calm, according to

Shawn's mom said she couldn't have got out of that room without him; he saved my life.

Epilepsy Children And Martial Arts

An interesting study has been done by the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Boston, Massachusetts, according to

Rather than me trying to go through all the positive findings here, I suggest you rather go over to Brainblogger and check it out.

A Surfer Who Fights

Australia -- Richie Vaculik, the martial arts champion and big-wave surfer who's a member of the 'Bra Boys', has been extradited to Queensland over an alleged bashing at a celebration party at Coolangatta, according to

During the celebration of Gold Coast surf star Mick Fanning's world title, Vaculik allegedly broke a hotel patron's jaw November 2007.

The 'Bra Boys' is a notorious Sydney surf gang, and Vaculik has described himself as "a surfer who fights rather than a fighter who surfs".

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kicking Out at His Problem

UK -- Michael Squire gets a real kick out of his aikido hobby, despite the fact he is paralysed down one side, suffering from epilepsy and is partially sighted, according to

The 45-year-old member of Tameside Blind Association's Young Person's group, has just reached black belt level in the Japanese martial art.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Trying to Fit in

California -- Fitting in one of the challenges autistic kids are facing, according to

Now, sensei Wayne Centra at a children's hospital in California is teaching kids social skills by using the art of karate. Many of the children in karate class have some form of autism, but an outside observer might not know it.

Centra, who's an occupational therapist, developed the program called "karate for all" at the California children's hospital. His goal is to help special needs children.

The karate activities have been adapted to help the children maintain attention span and focus, according to Centra.

Martial arts training can help autistic children build self confidence, coordination and social skills, several studies have shown.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Brother

UK -- A prosecutor described how a young man "(...) had a particular fascination with martial arts swords. When he moved back to his mother he brought with him his collection of samurai swords."

The martial arts fan is now on trial for stabbing his own brother to death with a sword as their mother tried to keep them apart.

20-year-old Julian reportedly plunged the blade into his brother Corin's (18) chest after a trivial row over noise escalating to terrifying violence, according to

One Arm Beating the Odds

New Jersey -- reports that it wouldn't be trash talk if If Tim Ball said he could beat you with one hand tied behind his back.

The 40-year-old Pennsville resident is a nationally recognized kick-boxer, despite paralysis in his right arm caused by a motorcycle accident more than 20 years ago.

Ball wanted to participate in a sport as a way to stay in shape, but after being rejected by the Golden Gloves boxing organization because of his disability, he discovered kick-boxing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Founder Devastated

Washington -- According to a police affidavit, a now 44-year-old karate teacher started out by touching a student while they were practicing and stretching in 2002, according to The girl was 13 at the time.

The instructor has now been charged with raping the underage student at the Yakima karate school, and the founder says he's "devastated" by the allegations.

They young girl and the teacher began having sex four or five times a week in the office or back garden area, the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, the girl stopped going to karate practice when she "realized what they were doing was wrong," just before she turned 16.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Squidoo Updates

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A Determined Black Belt

Kentucky -- 55-year-old Gary Lee Jones has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. 11 years ago he took up taekwondo after he first began coming to classes as a spectator watching his brother, Quincy.

He repeatedly asked his mother to sign him up. However, given his physical condition, she never thought it possible and waited several years before asking his eventual instructor, Max Chang Lee.

Since then, Gary has worked his way through the process of mastering the martial art - step by step. And on December 8, 2007, the Radcliff resident received his taekwondo black belt, according to

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wheelie Polite

India -- In Kolkata (Calcutta), a Fulora Foundation taxi service uses female drivers trained in judo and karate. This is according to

The foundation managing trustee, Arun Sabnis, said they decided to launch the service after seeing incidents happening with women in the city.

"All our female drivers are trained in martial arts, Mr Sabnis said.

But like the commercial says: That's not all... Reportedly, the drivers will be polite, too. How about that - polite taxi drivers...

"Our drivers have been groomed in etiquette," Mr Sabnis said.

Not Older Than You Feel

Illinois -- "I don't act it, and I don't think I look it. I'll tackle anything, anywhere," Vera Williams said about becoming a septuagenarian. according to

Williams, who's just turned 70, is currently working toward a second-degree Black Belt rank in taekwondo.

She also teaches dance and continues working for a finance company, where she has been an employee since 1973.

A Black Belt for Paul

UK -- Despite suffering from autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy and learning difficulties, 28-year-old Paul Stumbles was recently awarded black belt in karate, according to

The Hampden Park man, who is is a member of Canton Martial Arts in Eastbourne, has been practising karate four times a week for more than four years.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Charges Dropped

Indiana -- reports that charges against a 45-year-old Noblesville karate instructor has been dropped after prosecutors discovered child pornography material was not his.

However, investigators believe that the material belongs to his juvenile child, so the man was charged with neglect of a dependent.

A prosecutor said the neglect charge was filed because the man, who knew about the pornography, failed to get counseling for the juvenile.

Hai Karate

I had somehow forgotten these old ads for the "ax on - ax off" after shave. How deadly, how cool! :-)

"New Hai Karate aftershave is so powerful, it drives women right out of their minds. That's why we have to put instructions on self-defense in every package."

I need this stuff (or perhaps it didn't work quite as well as advertised?) ...

Just Go With the Program

New Jersey -- A 39-year-old karate teacher and NYPD officer, began a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student in West Milford in 2005, according to

The man allegedly lead her to believe this was simply a part of the karate school's program.

The girl told police that the teacher made her take off all of her clothes as part of the oath, and then sexually abused her. He then allegedly told her to get dressed, telling her the encounter was part of a test.

According to investigators, the man told another student, also 15, to take off her clothes as part of her obedience oath. However, she refused.

Seems like this guy is one really mean, rotten apple... Here's more. says another girl has come forward to say she was raped by the New York City police officer and martial arts teacher.

Federal court papers say the man kept the girls quiet and compliant by reminding them they had signed an oath to obey and protect their martial arts teacher.

"(...) obey and protect their martial arts teacher." Wow, I'm lost for words!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


In Australia, two young thugs held a pocketknife to the throat of 10-year-old Lana Welsh from Bentley Park, according to

However, the girl lashed out and sent her attackers fleeing with martial arts moves she learned from a Hollywood blockbuster.

The girl, who has never taken a self-defense class, said she had learned the karate moves by watching Shanghai Knights, starring Jackie Chan.

"I got him by the arm that had the knife and twisted it and threw him on to the ground," Lana said. The boy, aged about 12, was sprawled on the path, stunned by her fightback. "He threw the knife at my sister and ran," she said.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Victims Sue City

In New Hampshire, a civil lawsuit has been filed against the town of Newmarket, its School District and its Police Department, according to

The law suit alleges they neglected to protect two young girls from being victimized by a sexual predator over a period of at least five years.

Both girl were reportedly victimized by their 56-year-old karate instructor, formerly of Newmarket. The man is currently serving prison time on his conviction for aggravated felonious sexual assault and child pornography.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Truth Book a Lie

According to, Chuck Norris allegedly is taking on this new book titled "The Truth About Chuck Norris."

The actor claims it's a big lie (Noooo...! Are you guys saying it was all for laughs?) and that he wants to stop its distribution.

Just recently, Norris sued the publisher (Penguin Group Inc.) along with the book's creator. The lawsuit claims the good image of Chuck Norris is being spoiled by a book that depicts him as callous and unlawful, stating the book includes false "facts" that are sometimes racist and lewd.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Firefighters Fighting

In Ireland, firefighters were forced to turn a water hose on a 24-year-old man after he went at them wielding a samurai sword.

It was around 2 a.m. that firefighters were called to a car fire in Dundalk, County Louth. It was feared the fire should spread to a nearby house.

As two of the firemen were putting on breathing apparatus, a sword-wielding man ran towards them. A colleague then turned a water hose on the attacker knocking him to the ground.

Two experienced firefighters reportedly had to leave work suffering shock after the incident.

Remember, you can always read this and other martial arts related stories at Your Martial Arts Resources.

Cahill Testified

California -- The prosecution in the Hans Reiser murder trial has called the famous martial arts coach 'Will' Cahill to the stand.

At age 72, Mr Cahill has operated his Judo school in San Bruno since the 1960's. Called to the witness stand, Cahill acknowledged that Hans Reiser was one of his students. Reiser is accused of killing his wife Nina, who went missing in September of 2006. Her body has not been found.

Cahill said the defendant never showed a temper control problem, and that he had to be both aggressive and passive while training for his black belt.

Cahill also said he confronted Reiser after his wife disappeared.

UK Samurai Sword Ban

A likely samurai sword ban in England and Wales has been welcomed by those who have campaigned against their sale, according to

But collectors and martial arts enthusiasts are concerned legitimate owners may fall foul of the law.

A UK based Internet dealer argues swords are often blamed for deaths caused by long knives: "I'm disgusted. A ban won't make any difference. More people are killed by guns and screwdrivers."

"Tens of thousands of collectors and martial arts enthusiasts will be affected, and there will be confusion about what actually constitutes a sword", the dealer claims.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Karate Player Sentenced

Bulgaria -- In Silistra, a 26-year-old karate player with a previous criminal record, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for brutally killing a folk singer named Pasko Dereliev in the beginning of 2007.

The singer was declared missing after he disappeared on January 11 from a pub in the town, where he staged a performance.

Dereliev's mutilated body was found after a four-month search in a ditch between Tsar Samuil and Nova Cherna (two Bulgarian villages).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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War Machine Assault

The professional mixed martial fighter known as 'War Machine' has pleaded guilty to hitting and choking a man outside a fight club in San Diego, according to

26-year-old Jon Koppenhaver, who appeared on the Spike TV series "The Ultimate Fighter," could face up to a year in jail when he is sentenced February 7.

A withness testified at the preliminary hearing that he was surrounded by a group of men as he left the North Park club on September 2, 2007. The man said he was choked unconscious by one of the men and punched in the face while on the ground.