Thursday, July 30, 2009

Passionate About Karate

Florida -- Panama City Beach resident Guilherme Santos is really passionate about karate. The sport is not only teaching the young man discipline and self-defense, it also helps him walk.

"Gui" was born with a divided spinal cord, so his left foot doesn't lift when he walks. Karate has helped, according to

"He has a very positive attitude," his karate instructor said. "I have never seen him get frustrated or give up, I can't really put into words how to describe his motivation. He never seems to be put out if he can't keep up with the other students, he is always giving it his best."

Fight for Life

New Zealand -- Even though Jessie Gordon will one day need a heart transplant, that doesn't stop the plucky teenager her living life to the full.

Nor does it keep the 15-year-old Glen Eden resident out of the competitive sports arena, according to

The 15-year-old, who doctors once said was unlikely to survive into her teen years, holds a regional title in kung fu.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Karateka With Fetish

UK -- A 54-year-old karate black belt with a fetish for spanking was jailed for attacking a 60-year-old woman.

The man reportedly targeted the woman after drinking eight cans of beer. He placed the woman over his knee and hit her 60 times with one of her slippers. He also assaulted the woman sexually, according to

A few years ago, a 17-year-old girl got away, after he pulled down her knickers and tried to spank her. He was convicted for that offence at the time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sexual Exploitation Charge

Canada -- A 35-year-old Grimsby martial arts teacher who reportedly speaks in the public school system about bullying, has been arrested by police.

The man is facing a sexual exploitation charge involving a girl, 17 years old at the time.

Police said the alleged incident occurred between December 2005 and March 2006, according to

Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Improbable TKD Career

Colorado -- After overcoming bone cancer, 37-year-old Ben Schwenk underwent 17 surgeries in less than two weeks in 1990. His leg was amputated above the knee, but a radical operation preserved his calf muscle, quadriceps and hamstring. And it opened the door for an improbable taekwondo career.

Competing with a specially designed prosthetic leg, he has quickly climbed the ladder in the world's most practiced martial art, after taking up taekwondo in 2007 according to

Schwenk called his prosthetic leg a blessing in disguise. "I wouldn't be who I am without it," he said. "I wouldn't have experienced so many other things. I wouldn't have met my wife. I would have never gotten here. … I lost my leg, but I gained my life."

Taekwondo Treatment

Missouri -- After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, 9-year-old Alexis started wearing leg braces when she was 18 months old. For about an hour, part of her treatment is taking off the braces and wearing a taekwondo uniform to practice martial arts with her instructor.

Alexis said she likes working on her roundhouse kick. She said she practices in the grass at home because she falls down often, but never gives up, according to

Her grandmother said, after two months of taekwondo she is showing improvement in balance and flexibility. For example, she can now stand flat-footed and brush the floor with her hand.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Karate School Leader Convicted

Florida -- A 44-year-old former karate school leader has been found guilty of molesting a teenage girl at his Sunrise home.

Police said the man was arrested in April 2007, after giving the teenager a massage at his home. He then fondled her and performed a sex act on her, an arrest report said according to

Authorities learned about the case when the girl, who was 15 years old at the time, told a high school friend about the molestation.

Martial Arts Threats

UK -- A 34-year-old Airdrie man has pleaded guilty to displaying aggression towards paramedics who were called to treat him after a fall. The drunk man reportedly threatened them with his martial arts skills, claiming to be a black belt in jujitsu.

The medics were called to attend the man's home on Friday, March 13. At one point, the accused became aggressive towards the helpers, a prosecutor said according to

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Big Victory

Indiana -- Just five years ago, it would have been deemed impossible for him to participate in taekwondo. Due to his Autism, it would have been even more impossible for him to excel in it.

But now, four years after taking up the sport, Nathan Bolles, 15, is thriving and enjoying every moment of it.

Despite the fact he has high function Autism, taekwondo has seemed to dramatically help the teenager. His positive outlook has helped as well, and his good demeanor towards others has been a reward of the sport, according to

Kung Fu Taxidermist

Here's a kind of weird Craigslist ad:

I wanna hire a taxidermist!

"I am looking to hire someone with the means to obtain and stuff animals in fashions I choose, which will be Kung Fu for now. When I was younger I convinced a friend of mines dad to create two squirrels Kung Fu fighting.

I still think about it from time to time and have decided to get my own Kung Fu animals, I understand this is a bizarre request. Serious inquiries only, please e-mail me the species of animals you commonly hunt or can obtain and your rate for taxidermy of each in various Kung Fu poses. Mounting preferred.

Once again I feel I must state this is serious. If you can show any of your previous work it will probably give you an edge on the competition.

Please respond via e-mail. Thank you."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trial Date Set

Arizona - A trial date has been set for a former Flagstaff high school electronics teacher accused of having underage sex with 2 of his female students, 15 and 16 at the time. The 36-year-old man was arrested at the school in February.

The two teen aged students also attended a karate school operated by the accused that rented property at the school.

Police reports said the alleged sexual conduct appears to have been consensual and that it did not occur on school grounds.

Judo and Karate Threats

UK (Scotland) -- A 59-year-old man from Stonehaven admitted in court to using lewd and libidinous practices towards two Glasgow children (a boy and girl) in the 1970s, as well as another girl in the 1970s and 1980s.

The man threatened three children with karate and judo so they would keep quiet about being sexually abused by him, according to

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Commando Raid" Killings

Florida -- reported that money likely was the motive of seven men accused of murdering the wealthy couple -- Byrd and Melanie Billings -- who had adopted 13 special-needs children, according to police.

Officials said the men shot the couple at their home while nine of the children were inside. The suspects escaped with a safe.

Investigators said the group of men supposedly trained for a month to rob the couple's home.

Using surveillance camera footage, the police was able to conclude that the suspects had left the scene in a red van. A resident later tipped police off to the location of the vehicle.

A 35-year-old man, described as a key person in the crime, said in court he was innocent. Police also arrested his 56-year-old father, who drove the getaway van according to police.

The 35-year-old man had been featured in news articles as a self-defense expert who taught martial arts. The man recently received an award for his volunteerism.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Child Pornography Case

Virginia -- A Hopewell man has been sentenced to five years in prison for the receipt of child pornography, according to

An examination of computers at a martial arts business in Hopewell, and a software company where the owner of the business once worked turned up hundreds of images and several videos of child pornography, according to court documents.

The 59-year-old man was facing up to 20 years in prison after he pleaded guilty as charged earlier this year.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brothel Fundraising

New Zealand -- A 23-year-old Beijing Olympian's funding had reportedly dried up and now he he might be missing out on the London Olympics in 2012. So the young man came up with a strange plan - he traded his taekwondo outfit for a suit and became ... a pimp, according to

Together with his 20-year-old business partner, he recently launched a "high-class gentleman's club" (which in effect is a brothel) in Auckland, and the fighter hopes to get to London off the earnings from the business.

Hiss Beijing campaign cost about $150,000 in the preceding years. Most of the money came from his parents. The mans said he was sick of being a burden to his parents.

He received a $15,000 "performance enhancement grant" from a government sports funding body for his result in Beijing, but Taekwondo New Zealand has suspended the funding because the man has not been competing.

His plan is allegedly to take a couple of years off, hopefully earn up to $300,000 from the brothel, and launch his London bid in 2012. The man believes with that kind of money behind him, he will be a serious medal prospect.

But his unorthodox (to put it mildly) fundraising plan hasn't really gone down too well with his national body.

An official with Taekwondo New Zealand said that although this would not affect his membership, it would be taken into account when considering him for international selection.

"Selection takes into account not just performance but also the athlete's ability to serve as an example to the youth of the country," the official said.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

He Didn't Wake Up

Singapore -- 17-year-old Vincent Tan was fighting an opponent two belt levels above him and this was only his second taekwondo competition.

Not more than a minute into the sparring match, his slighter-built opponent, a brown belt, gave him a kick in the neck which ruptured a main blood vessel to his brain.

The green belt was seen fumbling with his head guard for a few seconds before tumbling onto the ground.

Although first aid was immediately given to him, he never gained consciousness and died on a few days later in hospital, according to

The death has reportedly prompted the People's Association to suspend all taekwondo competitions while it reviews the procedures usually undertaken in such events.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Former Police Officer Guilty

New York/New Jersey -- A police officer from New York City has pleaded guilty to federal charges of having sexual intercourse with three young girls. At least two of the young teenagers were students at his New Jersey martial arts school.

The 41-year-old man was arrested January 2008 after being investigated by The Rockland Computer Crimes Task Force as well as several other agencies, according to

The defendant pleaded guilty to driving two 14-year-old girls and a 16-year-old girl across New York and New Jersey lines on separate times from April 2003 to December 2006 and then having sexual intercourse with the girls.

A Major Drug Bust

Massachusetts -- A transplanted Russian native who claimed Worcester as his home while compiling undefeated professional records in boxing and mixed martial arts, has been charged in a federal indictment with being part of an international drug ring.

The 24-year-old man, who now lives in East Boston, was charged along with 12 others following a two-year investigation that the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force dubbed "Operation Iron Curtain," according to a press release on the DEA's Web site.

The defendants are all charged with conspiracy with intent to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, conspiracy to import more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, and conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, according to rel="nofollow"

Nevsky was arrested Tuesday while taking part in a sparring camp in North Carolina, according to his manager.

Domestic Violence Charges

California -- A 25-year-old MMA fighter, described as up-and-coming, is facing charges after his former girlfriend reported that he kicked in her door, beat her and destroyed her cell phone so she couldn't call authorities, police said.

The San Lorenzo resident and UFC welterweight fighter, told investigators he went to his ex-girlfriend's house Saturday to see his dogs that were staying there, when she struck him first. He said he then acted in self-defense, according to

The woman told police he went to her house in Hayward about 10:50 p.m. and banged on the door. She said she didn't want to speak to him.

When he then proceeded to force the door open, it struck her in the head, according to the police report. The man then pushed her around, picked her up by her armpits and slammed her to the ground, she told police. He then put her in a headlock and dragged her up a flight of stairs, according to the report.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

"I Know Karate"

Oh yeah, the ultimate threat... "I know karate". And still he reportedly added "(...), and I'm going to get my shotgun." After which he came back with a baseball bat... Brilliant. Guess he didn't trust his "karate" too much after all.

Pennsylvania -- A man already being held for sexually assaulting women in Cranberry Township was sentenced to jail for attacking a man with a baseball bat in March. The 23-year-old Ambridge resident pleaded guilty to the March 1 attack on another man, according to

According to police, the accused, the victim and others were at a bar when the victim told the accused to stop flirting with the girlfriend of one of the victim's friends.

The accused reportedly said, "I know karate, and I'm going to get my shotgun." He left the bar and then returned with a baseball bat and began swinging it. The accused then hit the victim in the head with the bat before leaving, police said.

Deadly Bar Fight

Florida -- Opening statements began June 30 in the trial of a trained fighter accused of killing a man during an alcohol-fueled skirmish outside a Pensacola Beach bar. He is charged with second-degree murder, according to

The 29-year-old Pensacola man was accused of punching another man, 32, in the face knocking him unconscious in a fight on December 20, 2008. The victim fell to the ground and struck his head on the parking lot pavement. He never recovered from the trauma.

The defendant is a former wrestler who also is trained in the art of jujitsu (jiu-jitsu?), a form of grappling and submission fighting, and took some training in mixed-martial arts fighting at a local gym.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Funded With Drug Money?

New Hampshire -- Federal prosecutors are claiming that a mixed martial arts gym in Hudson was financed with narcotics sales. As a consequence the government seized the fighting cage, punching bags and other gym equipment.

U.S. Marshals and DEA agents seized various equipment from the gym July 10, 2008, including gym equipment, furniture, computer equipment, and various vehicles registered to the owner. The court has yet to rule on whether the government can keep the various items, according to

Prosecutors filed a drug forfeiture complaint in 2008 against the MMA academy and the gym owner, according to court records.

The case remained sealed until June 29. An Assistant U.S. Attorney notified the court that "the ongoing criminal investigation has been concluded." No criminal charges have been filed, court records show.

The forfeiture complaint alleges that the 28-year-old owner was involved in large-scale trafficking of Oxycontin, a prescription narcotic. The forfeiture complaint alleges that the owner sold a total of about 400 Oxycontin pills on six different occasions in March and April 2008, for a total of more than $18,000, with most sales taking place at the gym.

First-Degree Assault

Arkansas -- A 25-year-old woman has reportedly been charged with first-degree assault for allegedly beating another woman unconscious at a motel in Osage Beach.

Police were called to the motel about 8:45 p.m. Saturday in response to a report of an unconscious woman lying in the hall on the third floor.

Police said the 25-year-old suspect had allegedly punched the victim and knocked her to the floor. The aggressor, who police said has martial arts training, had continued to punch and kick the other woman, according to

Four More Charges

North Carolina -- Authorities say the 61-year-old karate instructor who is already facing criminal charges for allegedly touching three underage girls inappropriately, has now been charged with four new counts of indecent liberties with a child, according to

The owner of the Wilmington after school training, were met with allegations involving four additional, potential victims under age 16, making the total seven.

On June 10, according to search warrants, the man was arrested and charged with three counts of indecent liberties after a witness videotaped him secretly inappropriately touching three underage girls while they were sitting on his lap. The camera was placed where the instructor could be seen, but the witness could not view what was going on.

Monday, July 06, 2009

'Kung Fu' Burglar

Arizona -- The arrest of a suspect in the "Kung Fu Kicker" case will hopefully lead to a decline in residential burglaries on Mesa's west side, property crimes detectives says.

Police believe the 55-year-old man, who was arrested on May 19, may be responsible for as many as 34 residential burglaries in the area.

The name "Kung Fu Kicker" comes from the MO (mode of operation) the suspect used to break into residences by kicking in the door and through evidence found in his possession linking him to eight burglaries, a police source said.

A Female Shihan

Yeah, yeah, you might think: "Another 5. dan - big deal", or: "A female shihan title, so what?" But before you might be tempted to draw any hasty conclusions, I'd ask you to read this article.

To me, 41-year-old Sandra Beale -- who has just become the first woman in the UK to achieve shihan status in Tsuyoi Ryu Karate -- is a true fighter in every sense of the word.

You see, she has achieved this high rank and title despite suffering two bouts of cancer. Add to that her tireless work over 17 years for NAKMAS (National Association of Karate and Martial Art Schools).

When she was nine, shihan Beale was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewings Sarcoma, and she was reportedly told she had a 50/50 chance of survival.

After surgery, radiotherapy and two years of chemotherapy she did survive, but the extensive treatment caused other illnesses, including damage to the heart. As she grew older, she developed skin cancer, and recently needed hip resurfacing.

So, yes, I'd say you're definitely looking at someone out of the ordinary here.

Congrats shihan, and welcome to the rank!

Football: MA Training Helps

UK -- Manchester City (football/"soccer") midfielder Stephen Ireland had a fine campaign for the club over the last season, with a new-found consistency and maturity helping him to fulfil the potential he had shown only in flashes over the last few years.

Ireland spent last summer training in a small town that borders Manchester, engaged in intensive martial arts training. He thinks that his new fitness and strength, both physical and mental, is due to the effort he made a year ago, according to

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Voyeurism Charge

Connecticut -- The 43-year-old owner of a Guilford martial arts studio is facing new allegations of voyeurism.

The man was arrested early in June, accused of two additional counts of voyeurism. Initially, he was arrested on May 28 for allegedly operating a hidden camera to film a girl and an employee undressing in a back room at his martial arts school.

Police said the new charges are based on materials found after they seized his computer and a DVD in May.

Not Intimidating Enough

Michigan -- 24-year-old Dan S. Haney moved to Bay City five months ago, looking for employment to support his wife and four kids. Instead of finding work, he found himself lying in the street in front of his home, bleeding from several gunshot wounds.

Haney said he and his family were at their home Wednesday afternoon when a 16-year-old friend came knocking on his door, saying he was being chased by men in a car. Haney allowed his friend refuge in the house.

"They were chasing him," Haney said, recalling the incident from his hospital room. "They tried to run him over but they hit the curb and messed up their front bumper and the grill of their car. He ran into my house and called them from my phone. He didn't let me know what all was going on. He just said they were wanting to fight with him."

About 15 minutes later, Haney's phone rang, with the men who had pursued his friend on the other line. Saying they were downstairs on Haney's porch, the men called for Haney's friend to come down and face them, according to Haney.

Looking to defend his young friend, Haney -- who says he is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter -- stepped out of his house, hoping to intimidate the men into leaving.

Read the rest of the article at

MMA Fighter With Fake Leg

Wisconsin -- 32-year-old Ernie Paulson from Rhinelander is a rare breed of athlete. As a teenager, he lost his left leg below to the knee to cancer but is fighting in mixed martial arts (MMA), according to

Paulson says it is hard to find opponents because they don't want to lose to a guy with a fake leg. However, he claims this motivates him because he doesn't want to be viewed as inferior.

Fighting the Molesters

Florida -- Christmases are hard for Patti Robinson from Latana. Eight years ago, she received a 2 a.m. Christmas morning telephone call every parent dreads. A voice on the line informed her that her only child was dead.

When her son Jeffrey was 11, something so terrible happened to him that she believes that's what caused him to take his own life at age 31.

The boy was repeatedly molested by his karate instructor, who Robinson said also molested at least two other boys. But by the time her son and the others were ready to come forward in court, the law wouldn't let them.

"The statute of limitations had run out," Robinson said. "And we couldn't do anything, which I really think contributed to the hopelessness that my son felt."

Florida law gives victims of certain sex offenses, including "non-forcible rape" of children age 12 and older, until they are 21 to press charges. Lawsuits must be filed before the victim reaches age 26.

Up to 70 percent of child sexual-abuse cases aren't reported until after the deadline, West Palm Beach attorney Michael Dolce said.

Read the rest of the story at

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Empowered With Martial Arts

Canada -- With the belt tightened around his new, white uniform and his right hand clenched into a fist, 3-year-old Brandon Sasseville is ready to throw some karate punches.

The young cancer patient has bendt his knees slightly, he assumes position and waits for the magic word from his instructor. "Go!" Brandon immediately punches the air swiftly, letting out an enthusiastic karate yell.

Brown-haired and smiling Brandon has leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy. His treatment is expected to last more than three years. This is to ensure all the cancer cells have been eradicated from his tiny body.

However, he is not thinking about any of that when he kicks butt during Monday night martial arts classes at the regional hospital in Windsor.

Reed more of this inspirational piece at

Killed by 'Kung Fu' Boyfriend

With terms such as "black belt in kung fu" and "used his kung fu expertise to kill his partner" you may begin to wonder where these seemingly retarded reporters get their information from.

Kung fu don't use the term 'black belt' as we do in other arts, neither can a strangulation technique be said to be typical kung fu.


UK -- After being told that his partner was leaving him for her married boss, a 41-year-old car salesman used his "kung fu expertise" to kill the 37-year-old mother of their two children - a Mercedes executive.

The reported that the man strangled his partner using a martial arts technique that would leave barely a trace.

After killing his girlfriend, he evidently poured petrol over the body and set it on fire. He was hoping that the house would go up in flames along with any evidence and he could blame her death on a house fire.

However, the plan failed as the fire failed to take hold and the man has now been convicted of the woman's murder.

The man, a "black belt in kung fu", was said to be obsessive and rarely at home, either working as a car salesman, training or running martial arts lessons.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Illegal MMA Competition

Florida -- Two men, 23 and 51, were recently accused of holding an unsanctioned amateur MMA competition in a gym in a Zephyrhills strip mall, officials said.

The men were facing felony prohibited competitions charges, according to No mixed martial arts fights are allowed at the amateur level in Florida.

Still Kicking at 80

Missouri -- At the age of 80, Juanita Inez Kniffen can do the splits both ways, according to her chief instructor.

Recently -- while bowling in Farmington -- the octogenarian allegedly drew a circle in the air above the head of a guy ... with her foot. "His mouth dropped open," the 5. dan black belt in taekwondo said.

In addition to taking taekwondo lessons twice a week, she walks a mile three times a week and also bowls twice a week, according to

Thursday, July 02, 2009

15 Students Molested

Philippines -- In July, a taekwondo instructor was arrested by police after reportedly being accused of molesting at least 15 of his students.

These cases all occurred in Baranguay Handumanan, Bacolod City, according to

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Making Nannie Proud

Pennsylvania -- The other students may be as much as about 65 years younger than him; still, David McCoy has no problem sparring with them on equal terms.

The 75-year-old grandfather is pumped while touting the benefits of a new experience, self-empowerment and extended family of kenpo karate.

McCoy, of Paradise Township, said he'd never tried anything like this. But when his wife of 53 years, Nannie, died in October, he needed help to cope with her loss.

The elderly gentleman has been taking karate classes for about six months and said he practices martial arts every day, according to "(Nannie) would be so proud of me," he said.