Monday, April 07, 2008

Not an Expert?

Here we have a man who may have just a hint of a tiny, insignificant anger management problem. And since all martial arts people are the embodiment of absolute peace, human kindness and self-control (... so I am told) - this guy must have used a "karate-style" belt belonging to someone else to try and strangle his partner.
It is also quite obvious it is not his belt all the time the reporter doesn't mention anything about the man being an "expert". As we all know, anyone with a belt is a legitimate, totally deadly martial arts "expert"...

Louisiana -- Police received a call from a 27-year-old woman who claimed a 45-year-old man had beat her and kept her prisoner in his house, according to a report.

The Alabama woman told police she and the man had been dating since January 8 after meeting on the Internet. She had come to Slidell to spend the weekend with the man.

During her visit, the man and the woman allegedly began arguing over their relationship. The woman said he made threats to her if she did not change her ways. The woman felt ill and wanted to stop the argument, but the man reportedly continued, and the argument escalated.

The man allegedly took away the woman's purse that contained her keys and cellular phone and locked them in another room in the house. The woman told police she then went to the bedroom, sat down on the bed and started to cry.

The man came into the bedroom, she said, and allegedly hit her on the back of the head so hard that she momentarily lost consciousness.

When she recovered, she said the man was very angry, and his verbal threats became dangerous. While he was holding a knife on her, he allegedly threatened to kill the woman's entire family before he killed her.

Then the attacker allegedly used a karate-style belt to choke the woman.

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