Friday, June 20, 2008

Age Is no Barrier

At the age of 68, Sheila Thurlow's recently passed the physical examination for the fourth Dan black belt in shotokan karate, according to

The examination was conducted by her son Kevin Thurlow and a panel of other senior instructors.

The veteran, who was tested at the English shotokan-ryu karate kyokai in Sidcup, has demonstrated age is no barrier and provides inspiration to other pensioners and even younger adults.

Her son Kevin, who recently was voted chairman of Britain's traditional governing body of karate, expressed his delight at her achievement.

The woman started training 20 years ago and claimed her first black belt at the age of 53.

She continues to train in both karate and kobudo at her son's dojo in Sidcup as well as teaching at her own dojo in Bexleyheath.

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