Monday, February 08, 2010

Kung Fu Saving Soccer?

China -- He has a passion for soccer and now, Kong Debao, a former businessman hopes the principles of kung fu can save Chinese soccer. For some time, Chinese soccer games game has been dented by gambling scandals involving officials, managers and players alike, according to

Two Chinese Soccer Association vice-chairmen were arrested January 21 for their alleged roles in soccer gambling. Prior to that, a former Chinese national team coach, several club managers and players had been arrested. Chinese soccer fans have reportedly been disappointed by the many scandals and hefty salaries paid to players, while the international ranking of China has kept declining.

Kong Debao, who is the executive director of the SMK Kungfu Soccer Club, said that by bringing the merits of kung fu onto the soccer pitch, "he hoped players would become more agile and develop stronger minds, improving weaknesses among players".

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