Friday, April 02, 2010

The "Love Master"

Argentina -- A kung fu "master" who was accused of abusing minors was arrested on 15 September, 2009 in La Rioja, according to

A judge has now confirmed his release and acquittal because "after 12 years from the date of the criminal acts, the case prescribed."

One of the man's alleged victim, now 25, denounced him for sexually abusing him and other minors, when he lived in La Rioja and taught kung fu in the boy's house.

The man, nicknamed "Love Master", reportedly told his students that he was God and that they should let him penetrate them with his "divine light".

He allegedly told his young students: "I am the teacher, trust me", and that they shouldn't say anything to their parents, since adult sexuality "was something perverse".

The children eventually stopped attending his classes, but the man reportedly continued living in the house that the young victim shared with his parents.

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