Thursday, June 03, 2010

Confuse-Us Speaks #20

A martial arts master in Gambia tried to explain to the various activities at his academy.

The master said there were presently two active martial arts disciplines in the academy, Taekwondo and Viet Vo Dao. He said that they wanted to introduce ‘Hapkido’ which is a Korean martial arts and ‘Jeudo’ which is a Japanese martial arts. "Karate is yet to start, but our plan is to expand, we want to introduce Hakido, which is a Korean martial arts similar to Taekwondo and we want to as well add up ‘Zeudo’ a Japanese martial arts," the master said.

Jeudo and zeudo...? Are they perhaps referring to judo. And this one is brilliant: "hakido, which is a Korean martial arts similar to taekwondo." Even if they were talking about hapkido, I would say that it is not even close to taekwondo. That would be the same as stating "ju-jitsu, a Japanese martial art similar to karate." Dang :-)

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Anonymous said...

Well, it seems the 'Master' has not mastered his arts well. But then I can assure you this man actually said this. He told the reporter everything that was written. I know of this, 'cos I'm an insider.