Thursday, September 23, 2010

Russian MMA Nutcase

Guys, guys... Come on... A criminal, probably insane, and definitely a right-wing nutcase by any standard. But still, let us welcome him with open arms, a big hug and an even bigger bottle of vodka. We are all so cozy and friendly over here; we like to see the good things in people, you know...

Norway -- A Russian MMA champ, known as Tarzan the Redhead, who fled a psychiatric facility in St. Petersburg has been held in Oslo after applying for asylum, according to

Police officials said the man was detained on suspicion of violating the country's law on gun ownership and having possible links to organized crime.

A YouTube video shows the 30-year-old man entering a Norwegian immigration office (and yes, that is Russian and Norwegian being spoken).

In the video you can see how "Tarzan", wearing a sweatshirt with Nazi insignia, says, "Sieg heil," as he raises his arm in a Nazi salute before entering the office.

The fighter tells a female immigration official that he arrived in the country by boat and gives her the pistol and his driver's license. He also asks her to search his name in Google.

Dmitry Dyomushkin, who is a friend of the man and the leader of the banned ultranationalist Slavic Union, said "I wished him all the best and told him not to act like a nutcase."

...which apparently didn't help much I might be tempted to add.

The heavyweight MMA champion was found guilty in 2009 of carrying out several robberies. However, he was sent to a criminal psychiatric hospital after an examination which deemed him insane.

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