Monday, January 10, 2011

"Extensive Martial Arts Experience"

Extensive martial arts experience... What's that? The über deadly black belt level (aka. expert)?

Colorado -- Eagle police recently arrested a 30-year-old serial burglary suspect who was in the Boulder area, according to

Prior to his arrest, police officials sent a message to his Facebook friends notifying them that police officers were searching for the suspect.

Police reportedly had warned his 120-some Facebook friends that they should not let the man hide out with them because it would be considered harboring a fugitive. Police also warned that the man was known to carry "knives, throwing stars and has extensive martial arts experience."

A break in the case came when a homeowner caught the burglar in the act and the suspect left his bag at the scene. The bag contained Arment's name, according to police, helping them identify him as a suspect.

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