Sunday, June 12, 2011

Extremely Disturbed "Expert"

Just when you think you heard every crazy excuse there is, along comes yet another one that makes your jaw drop to the floor like a ton of bricks.

Israel -- A man who's been convicted of murdering his granddaughter, allegedly claimed he killed her by accident "because of his experience as a martial arts expert". This is according to

The man was accused of killing the 4-year-old girl in 2008. He then allegedly placed her in a suitcase and threw her into the Tel Aviv river of Yarkon.

This is the same man who has been described by police as not some master criminal, just extremely disturbed...

I just gotta say this: "Wow..." There, I just said it. What happened to having control, showing restraint and all that jazz? You know the stuff that should come with the "martial arts expert" territory.

Read more about this sad case and disturbing case here, here and here.

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