Saturday, August 13, 2011

The 'Shadow'

OK, so I admit it... I'm as boyish and childish as they come. I have even made it my mission not to become too grown up ... ever - that concept is so plain boring!

That said, even I find it very weird - troubling even - to read about a grown man, aged 33, dressed up as ninja, trawling the streets at night to "to protect the public" in jolly old England.

- Ninja costume? Check.
- Carrying weapon? Check (wooden pole).
- Wearing hearing aid to be able to hear better? Check.
- Stalking in the shadows? Check.
- Adult? Check (sort of).
- Devised his own interpretation of the martial art? Check.
- Street name 'Shadow'? Check.
- "Patrolling" the streets? Check.
- Sometimes spending all night out on the streets? Check.
- Has developed a special roaring war cry? Check.
- Will use force if required? Check.
- Proudly posing for pictures in the papers? Check.
- Police not happy about it? Check.
- Honorary Martial Arts Maniac? Double check.


Simon McNeil said...

Oh boy, cybernetic ninja vigilantes.

Seems like fodder for a satirical fiction story, and yet it is apparently reality.

Torbjorn Arntsen said...

Very true Simon. Me, I'm really quite speechless... But oh well, each to his own :-)