Sunday, January 29, 2012

Martial Artist Try to Avoid Arrest

Wrist lock - photo from reports below about a move (martial arts or otherwise) which definitely is not a wise one - trying to fight police. Can you "win" in the short run? Well, maybe ... if you're good. Are you going to lose in the longer run? Sooner or later, definitely.

It appears the British 66-year-old doctor of psychology (!) discovered the implications of being obnoxious when he reportedly was pepper sprayed for resisting arrest.
A martial arts instructor used his handlock skills to try to evade arrest after abandoning his crashed car, a court heard.
Daniel Downey grabbed Pc William Vye by his hands and twisted his wrists as the officer tried to handcuff and arrest him for drink-driving.
Downey had returned to Cambridge to drown his sorrows after a physical attack on him forced him to abandon a training weekend in Wolverhampton.
There are lots more interesting bits and pieces to the story, and you definitely might want to head on over and read it in its entirety.

Among other things, there's this totally laughable brain-fart - appears to be from the man's defense lawyer (a silly statement is probably to expected from said individual):
"If someone comes within your space in martial arts, you instinctively do something to protect yourself."
Really? After 30 plus years in the arts, I wasn't aware of that. And I have to add, dang! All those people I owe a good beating for stepping too close... Come back here!

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