Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Headbutts in Judo!

Eric Joyce - from
No ifs or buts - there are definitely no headbutts in judo!

These attacks may be allowed in a political judo fracas - although I doubt that very much. In a drunken pub brawl, on the other hand...

It appears that a British MP (Member of Parliament)  have gone gung ho, or berserk as it has also been described, in a well-known London bar reserved parliament members and their guests.

Here's what the British has to say about the rough and tumble political action:
Former squaddie and Judo fighter Joyce, 51, faces a court hearing after he was accused of launching a vicious fight in a House of Commons bar.He allegedly yelled “This place is full of f***ing Tories” before shoving Mr Percy against a wall and headbutting Conservative MP Stuart Andrew, 40.
Joyce is also said to have punched Tory Alec Shelbrooke, 36, and MP Phil Wilson, 52 – who is one of his fellow Labour colleagues.
Can we assume that there was alcohol involved in this brawl? In any case guys, there are no headbutts in judo - political or otherwise ... even if you've had a glass or two and really hates you opponent.

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