Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Former Karate World Champ Jailed

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There's quite a bit of an uproar - and quite understandably so if I might add - when a British former karate world champion recently received a lean 30-month jail sentence after he was found guilty of sexual related crimes towards children.

You should definitely click over to Bournemouth Echo and read the whole story for yourself ... if you have the stomach for it.

Former karate world champ jailed

A former world karate champion from Poole who committed a string of sexual offences has been jailed for 30 months.
Triple world number one Tim Stephens, 50, will be released in less than half that time after pleading guilty to a total of 43 charges, in which he assaulted a woman in her sleep, groomed a teenage girl online and hoarded vast numbers of indecent photos, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.
But his former partner told the Daily Echo: "I'm disgusted with the sentence. I thought he should get at least five years."
It appears that the judge has paid more attention to the defendant than the victims in this case.

And by all means, feel free to chime in below. What's your opinion on the issue?


Martial Arts Training and Weight Loss said...

Having scanned/read your last few articles I see that you have recently written exclusively about people who have use martial arts in a negative way and gotten into trouble. I think there are so many great things about martial arts, why focus on the bad?

I lost 30 pounds with martial arts and I have heard of war vets helping their post traumatic stress disorder through martial arts.

Focusing on people using martial arts to commit crimes in a martial arts blog is like focusing on people who rob others using a base ball bat on a base ball blog. Why not focus on the game and the positive instead of the rare instance of negative.

Torbjorn Arntsen said...

First and foremost - thanks for your comment! And you do bring up a very valid point indeed.

That said, it is quite obvious that you have scanned the blog. There's an abundance of posts about less negative things...

The main point here is as follows: This particular blog is primarily about what the media writes about martial arts - and that is not about the things you (and I) want to see more of, I'm afraid.

Also, there are absolutely less positive things about our beloved arts which we need to address, although the vast majority is positive people and healthy outcomes.