Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Coach Allegedly Assaulted Boys

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Police in Taiwan reports that at least 12 boys have been assaulted sexually by a trainer teaching judo and softball at local schools.

The man, called "Daddy Hu", allegedly also claims to be a pastor. He is believed to have targeted victims from impoverished families.

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Coach allegedly assaulted boys

A Taiwanese man who coached softball and judo at schools has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting at least 12 boys, police said Tuesday.
The man, identified only by his surname Hu, was taken into custody late Monday after the parents of some of the boys discovered obscene messages on his Facebook page and turned him in, police said.
Hu, who also claimed to be a pastor and was nicknamed “Daddy Hu” by some students, was suspected of sexually assaulting at least a dozen boys in several elementary and junior high schools in Taipei, an initial probe found.

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