Saturday, July 14, 2012

Confuse-Us Speaks #26

BJJ - Illustration from
Before we go on to the subject of being confused - I'd like to remind you all about the new Martial Arts News site. Check it out!

The site/blog you're on right now will definitely be updated from time to time, but not as regularly as before. The main attention is going to be on the new site as far as martial arts news stuff is concerned.

Any way, lets bring master Confuse-Us on...

Silly me, I thought BJJ was a part of mixed martial arts/MMA, but hey, what do I know... At least this online article apparently states otherwise.
Chef Marc Vetri likes to fight. "As a chef you have to have an outlet to let off some steam," he says. Nearly two years ago, Mr. Vetri took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a mixed-martial art that focuses on ground fighting and self-defense.
"Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a mixed-martial art"... Okay... We all learn something as we go along I guess.

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