Saturday, August 23, 2014

Confuse-Us #30

Dude... You got us all confused, even master Confuse-Us can't keep track; you really need to decide which scare tactic you're gonna use!

Are going to keep on crappling, claiming you are into the awesome kick-boxing stuff, or will you stick to the "I've got a knife and I'm willing to use it" verbally aggressive moves? You can't just jump around like that and expect others to take you seriously.

You will potentially end up confusing yourself if you don't get your act together. Here's a bit of advice: Stick to one main tactic at the time if you want results as a true Martial Arts Maniac.

And here's another heartfelt tip for you: If you know for a fact that every time you drink shots you get into a rage, it may perhaps be a good idea not to drink shots if you want to avoid being treated to police tactical intervention... just saying.

Image from Flickr - stop drinking, you're confusing everyone!

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