Monday, September 08, 2014

Local MMA Fighter Arrested in Decapitation Case

A tragic case from beginning to end

I am pretty confident that neither mixed martial arts (MMA, cage fighting) nor Islam has anything to do with this awful and tragic case from London, UK. I am also pretty confident it has a lot to do with mental and/or drug related issues.

When you have a suspect that evidently has been overheard shouting "The cats have stolen my lighter" as he hacked a poor cat to pieces with the edged weapon, it seems pretty obvious we are dealing with a very disturbed individual.

Other reports claim the suspect had ambitions to become a cage fighter, but that he had gone off the rails and was known locally for dealing drugs.

Still, the media will probably have a field day if it turns out the murderer who decapitated an 82-year-old innocent great-grandmother with a machete is indeed a Muslim convert, an African immigrant connected to local MMA fighting.

Cage fighting, mixed martial arts

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