Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unsinkable Courage

What an amazing story of courage and strength. These are some tough individuals for sure.

Australia -- When a rescue helicopter picked up 41-year-old fisherman John Jarrett and took him to hospital, he had been clinging to debris for 30 hours in the open ocean. Mr Jarrett feared his skipper would not be found alive, according to The Canberra Times.

Mr Jarrett was the second man found alive after the net of their prawn trawler snagged about 3 a.m., capsizing and sinking the boat about 13km off the coast of NSW.

Jarrett's super-fit crew mate, 39-year-old Michael Williams (a second dan black belt in karate) reportedly swam for 12 hours to raise the alarm.

Mr Williams' mother said that Mr Jarrett almost certainly owed his life to her son. "He wasn't going to let them die. It would have been another 12 hours out there for them if he hadn't got to shore to raise the alarm," she said.

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