Saturday, February 12, 2011

Instructor Gunned Down

Florida -- A martial arts instructor was recently gunned down "execution style" in his driveway in Tarpon Spring, according to

When police did a search warrant at the home, they reportedly seized three guns and a large quantity of computer equipment.

In the home's garage, police also found a car that matched the description of a vehicle that allegedly was used in a nonfatal shooting earlier in Palm Harbor, according to officials.

The murder weapon, an AR-15 rifle which belonged to the victim, was found at the scene. When searching the victim's residence, police found two more weapons - an MP-5 submachine gun, as well as another AR-15 rifle.

The truck found in the victim's garage, is allegedly similar to a truck seen nearby the scene where a Palm Harbor man was shot in the face, before the martial arts instructor was killed four hours later.

Earlier this week, the Sheriff's Office said that it was possible the two crimes could be connected.

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