Monday, April 16, 2012

MMA Fights at Home

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It appears that some folks have decided to take things a step further (and way too far) by staging MMA fights at home.

Yup, there are apparently combat arts fans who perhaps sees mixed martial arts fights as a great way to get some action right there in their living room.

Here's an excerpt of what reports about privately held MMA matches in Florida.

MMA fights at home

A Lee County family is accused of hosting unlicensed fights.Lee County Sheriff's deputies arrested Angela Harrison, 36, Brandon Harrison, 27, and Gauge Ford, 17, for staging Mixed Martial Arts style fights on the 1400 block of Hightower Avenue South in Lehigh Acres.Lee County detectives were able to confirm allegations of illegal fights by finding Facebook videos capturing juveniles and young adults engaging in full contact fighting. Detectives with the help of a school resource officer at East Lee County High School were able to identify some of the people in the videos.
Perhaps the family thought this would be a good way to make a few extra bucks. In any case, not the smartest martial arts move to pull off.

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