Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More MMA Fighters in Trouble

The octagon - Illustration from
Yup, we have more MMA fighters in trouble.

It may certainly appear that mixed martial arts fighters are in a league of their own - for better or worse.

Not only do we have top level athletes being caught using steroids at an almost alarming rate - there is also lots of stuff going on elsewhere...

In New Mexico, a fighter apparently looking for trouble got himself into a brawl at a swimming pool, according to

He reportedly ended up critically injured after being knocked out cold with one single punch to the head.

Then you have the former MMA-fighter in Hawaii who recently have been found guilty of murder and sexual assault. have the full report about this nice fellow, who also have a prior felony conviction and two pending assault cases "under his belt".

And let us not forget "The Noodle", a 35-year-old firefighter from L.A, who' also moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter, according to

He is being accused of worker's compensation fraud after filing false workers' compensation insurance claims while he was participating in MMA fights.

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