Thursday, October 07, 2010

Martial Arts Enthusiast

Connecticut -- A man attempted to steal money from a downtown Stamford bar on September 26, according to and now police says the man "may be a martial arts enthusiast."

First and foremost, whenever a term like "martial arts enthusiast" is used in settings like these, it tends to indicate a full blown Martial Arts Maniac.

And what is it that told police they may be dealing with such an individual in the first place? The fact that the suspect laid in wait while the receipts were being compiled by the manager - in other word a sneaky ninja? Or was it perhaps his athletic build which gave him away?

Did he flash on of them totally awesome and deadly dumchucks, or go into a kung fu stance? Did he flash a couple equally impressive fast and furious judo chops; perhaps uttering the all time classic: "I know karate!" (pronounced 'krotty')? No?

Then what? This is so confusing...

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