Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Wrong Kind of Signal?

Here's a guy who has more than a crass word to say to all the "tough" guys who walks around in Affliction MMA-style T-shirts. You know the type, lots of visible tattoos, shirt one size too small, works at the gym to get the "right" kind of muscles to show off on a Friday night...

Although the whole article is kept in a light an refreshingly humorous style, there is a sincere and serious tone to it. And indeed - I have to agree: If you want to look like a moron, here's how :-)

The whole "dress code" reminds me of the equally stupid ripped muscle shirts who was in vogue years ago with steroid pumped guys who tried to look even bigger than they actually were, and so out of touch with their own bodies they could hardly walk properly - let alone walk past a mirror without having a look at that man candy :-)

If you're an MMA fighter for real, I say go for this kind of show off! If not then do the rest of the world a favor and get something else ... please.

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