Friday, October 08, 2010

Numbnuts and Sword

Ohio -- "It looked like a violent and graphic scene in a karate movie." This was the description given by witnesses to a recent fight in Toledo, according to

A fight between two men at an apartments building allegedly escalated and ended with one person being stabbed several times and seriously injured by a sword.

According to witnesses, the two men were fighting when one of the men ran into an apartment to get his older brother. The brother then came out with nunchucks (aka. numbnuts or dumbchucks) and went after another person in the crowd.

Apparently the numbnuts wasn't the right tool for the encounter. Witnesses said the man then ran back inside and came out with a sword.

It's martial arts 101 really: The krotty sticks/dumbchucks is purely designed for those who are fond of self harm. The real thing -- called nunchaku -- may only be handled by those who actually knows what they're doing.

And man ... numbnuts as well as a sword? This "brother in arms" must definitely be a martial arts enthusiast.

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