Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teacher Shot, Killed

Florida -- A 61-year-old world history teacher, who also taught taekwondo, was shot and killed in North Port when he stepped outside to see who rang his doorbell around 10 p.m.

Police said the victim's wife told them there was just gunshots and no conversation, according to The woman said she saw two people wearing masks and dressed in dark clothes running from the area.

The victim was an original faculty member at a charter middle and high arts school in Palmetto, and he taught taekwondo at the same school. Because of his martial arts skills, he was known around the school as "Master Ellis".

According to 17-year-old Jason, one of the man's taekwondo students said: "He wasn't just a teacher. He was family. He didn't do it for the money. He didn't do it just because it was his job. He loved every single person. He would talk to us as we needed him. He would take time out of his class to talk with us about personal problems."

Second dan black belt Taylor Lesoine, who had been Ellis' student since the seventh grade. said: "Being with a master, it changed me for the better. I owe almost all I am today to Master Ellis."

Too sad...

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