Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wanna Show Your Kung Fu?

China -- If you're interested in a place to show off your kung fu skills, it appears that working for a Chinese company in China may be just the right thing for you :-)

In this well-written and entertaining post from hypervocal.com, a Western female employee describes how her company is attempting to have her participate in what is being described as an "athletic games competition", a very Chinese thing according to her coworkers.

A text message sent to her was like this:

"Hi there, anybody are good at dancing or Kongfu? We're recruiting some talents performing at the opening of [company name] games."

So again, if you're into kung fu - or would like to get into the art - and you like these sort of after-hours get-togethers (quite similar to karaoke), well then perhaps working in China is the thing for you?

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