Saturday, April 09, 2011

An Amazing Recovery

Arizona -- When Darla Loy, 28 at the time, was diagnosed with 'Mixed Connective Tissue Disease' (MCTD), an autoimmune disorders akin to Lupus, her doctor told her that she needed to take pain medication, anti-inflammatories and steroids - probably for the rest of her life.

The reply from the woman was simply that it was not going to happen, according to

Rather, the determined woman started her own research and began fighting back - eventually taking up karate at the same place her young son was a student.

Her determination, changes in diet and karate workouts soon helped her begin to lose weight and she found her confidence was restored. She was indeed able to do without the medications to the amazement of her doctor.

After getting a passion for karate, she advanced to aerobic style kick-boxing, before finally going into the ring as a full-fledged kick-boxer.

I urge you to read this truly inspirational story about  a woman with a remarkable fighting spirit.

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