Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh Bloody... Nose!

UK -- Well-known British MMA fighter Alex Reid - Katie Price's former hubby - was forced to use some quick self-defense moves when he was assaulted without any form of warning recently. Mr Reid reportedly ended up with a seriously bloodied nose, though.

The fighter and Celebrity Big Brothers winner was reportedly walking past a church and minding his own business in south-west London on Friday afternoon, when out of the blue a thug punched him straight in the face.

Witnesses said the victim's extensive training for cage fighting soon kicked in and that it wasn't long before he got the better of his attacker, according to

You have to give the guy credit for not beating the living daylight out of the cowardly thug. It is said he just give him a few punches to the chest along with a thorough (and apparently more than well deserved) verbal bashing.

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