Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gunned Down, MMA Fighter

California -- An American, 25-year-old MMA fighter and his 28-year-old friend were both gunned down in what was describes as an execution-style killing on the Mexican border, according to

Authorities in Mexico said the men were waiting in their company truck while waiting to cross into the U.S. before dawn at the San Ysidro border crossing Monday morning.

The two victims were carpooling from from their Tijuana homes into work in San Diego when they were shot and killed.

A gunman reportedly walked up to the company truck truck with U.S. (California) license plates and opened fire, killing both men as they sat in traffic.

Their employer in San Diego described the victims as diligent workers who had moved to the Mexican border city so they could afford to live on the beach, according to daytondailynews.coml.

"These were good guys," the employer said. "Obviously no one deserves to die like this, but these were good guys."

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