Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now, That's a Sensei

All this talk about being a "master" or an "expert" as soon as you've reached the level of black belt will probably never stop. The uneducated media will always need something to write about when the next Karate Kid shows up.

Now don't get me wrong, the achievement is always a good thing for that individual. Also, many students still have to work long and hard for that grade ... and mind you, we're not exactly talking about two or three years of "training" at a black belt mill either for those who are truly dedicated to martial arts.

In all fairness, almost anyone should be able to reach the level of first dan, black belt in most martial arts, providing you give it enough time and regular training.

Now, dedicating 50 years or more to an art and still be kicking, like 68-year-old James Ambrose  sensei here has done in the hard karate style of shotokan - that's an other matter all together.

This, to me, is a sensei - a master and expert worth writing and reading about.

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