Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where's the Justice?

You will probably be just as chocked as I was when I read about this case from Texas. It involves a taekwondo coach who allegedly assaulted a young girl at the Houston daycare center where the man was working.

The case goes back to October 2006 when the young girl told her mother that her taekwondo coach brought her into a room and sat her on his lap. She said the man placed a blanket over her as she sat with him, and that he used his finger to assault her.

From here on out, the case is a mess of information not being presented to the grand jury, the seemingly shady actions of Harris County prosecutors, and how the mother has been fighting a losing battle to get the man to trial for his crime.

In December 2006, the man was fired from the daycare center when investigators from Child Protective Services concluded that he did in fact sexually assault the girl.

Even so, the perpetrator will not face charges for sexually assaulting the young girl, ten years old at the time.

In my humble opinion, there seems to be something really fishy about this whole case...

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