Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Judo Deaths

Japan -- When a 15-year-old boy skipped judo practice, the boy's teacher was furious and stood waiting for him at the gates of his junior high school in Yokohama, according to the boy's parents.

The teacher, a former All Japan judo champion then reportedly forced the boy into the gym and made him grapple one on one. The judo teacher allegedly then choked the boy until he lost consciousness.

When the boy came to, the teacher once again choked the boy until he went limp. The teenager was thrown to the floor with such force that he suffered a severe brain injury - acute subdural hematoma.

The above is one of the cases referred to in this article from, titled "108 school judo class deaths but no charges, only silence".

The Japan Judo Accident Victims Association has a special web site set up at at

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