Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confuse-Us Speaks #24

OK ninjabbers ... time for an other complete martial arts comment fail, something master Confuse-Us would be proud of; nay, scrap that, he would probably be sobbing silently.

Today's entry: "The judo kick"... Yes, you got that right. We all know about the famous (and totally lethal) judo chop. But a judo kick? I guess that's more like "toetally" lethal?

Anyhow, apparently gullible reporters from talks about the first time ever judo kick. Allegedly delivered during a soccer match in Brazil. Sure, we know that the sport of soccer is a full contact blood sport and all that, but a judo kick...? Quadruple wow!

In all fairness, the fantasy land reporters states: "It's not often that you see someone judo-kick someone in the back of the head". Spot on guys, spot on. Could it be because judo don't involve kicking? Just saying...

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