Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Update, August 27:
The 16-year-old boy from Florida has been sentenced and ordered to serve up to eight months at a youth correctional institution following the assault at a local martial arts competition.

Update, July 7:
It was originally thought the fight broke out prior to a match. However, it has emerged that there was no "fight", but an outright assault - and that it happened after a bout.

The attacker, who just prior to the incident had lost his match, went over to the winner and delivered a vicious kick to the head of the totally unprepared victim.

A witness said that neither the assailant, nor his father, seemed to have any remorse (why am I not surprised...)

Read more mercurynews.com - a nasty story for sure!


California -- In San Jose, two juvenile competitors - aged 15 and 16 - got into a brawl prior to their scheduled match at the USA Taekwondo Junior Olympics, according to examiner.com.

As a result of the violent fight, one of the boys were arrested and the other was taken to a medical center, a police spokesman said.

Shameful and stupid behavior if you ask me.

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