Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Karate Expert, Weapons Dealer

UK -- A 35 year old karate expert has been give a strict jail sentence in Newcastle.

The karateka was allegedly ranked at #17 in the UK at one time.

The black market weapons dealer smuggled what has been described as as appalling armoury of martial art throwing stars, butterfly knives, knuckle dusters and even blowpipes from Pakistan, and sold them on for huge profits.

Officials at Newcastle Airport reportedly discovered a shipment of 2,700 weapons in boxes marked only as hand tools, according to chroniclelive.co.uk.

When a random check was done of cargo arriving at Newcastle on an Emirates flight, officials recovered a total of 1,005 knuckle dusters, 600 butterfly knives, 1,800 throwing stars and 720 dart firing blowpipes.

When officers later raided his home they discovered a haul of a further 1,500 similar weapons.


Zairi Faiezil said...

Hi friends,

It's sad that the martial arts have been misinterpreted by some who are not responsible, it makes people shy away to learn the art of defensive

Torbjorn Arntsen said...

Thanks for dropping by, and I hear you Zairi!