Saturday, July 30, 2011

Molested by Chief of Police?

Update, October 18:
After failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation, the 56-year-old police chief accused of molesting two teenagers has been fired from his position. The man had been suspended without pay since the summer.


Wisconsin -- The 55-year-old chief of police in a Western Wisconsin village has been charged with molesting two male teenagers, aged 16 and 17. This is according to

The two boys were reportedly arrested in March 2011 after they broke into an area church. They later told investigators that the police chief offered to "mentor them and teach them karate".

The boys claimed the man had spiked their energy drinks with alcohol, showed them pornography and repeatedly molested them on a number of visits to his apartment. They were allegedly threatened with juvenile detention if they told anyone.

The man told investigators he had an addiction to pornography, according to court documents.

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